fundraising in a sentence

Example sentences for fundraising

My present workplace does not have a dementia unit but is in the process of fundraising for the process.
They all make great stories, are wonderful for fundraising and scaring small children, but are irrelevant.
Projects of this magnitude and fundraising are their business.
Fundraising will still be important, of course, but not more important than it is now.
Along with donations, kids sent in letters about their fundraising efforts at school or in their neighborhoods.
For many communities that host the roundups, the festivals serve as key fundraising events for civic service organizations.
These runs are also held for the public as educational outreach and fundraising.
Experience in strategic planning, program development, and fundraising are preferred.
The ideal candidate will be a forward-thinking advancement executive with a compelling record of fundraising and development.
The executive director will aid the development of proposals for outside granting agencies and private fundraising.
Applicants must demonstrate the potential to engage in effective fundraising.
Tuition, endowments and fundraising will not be enough.
Tax refunds and opportunistic fundraising further reinforced balance-sheets.
The country's initial fundraising success came at a hefty price.
The community is rallying around her and fundraising in full swing.
And he will benefit from the support of the national tea party, particularly with regard to fundraising and attention.
They are intentionally underfunded and so must make up the gaps by fundraising.
Politicians can hint at bribery in the form of campaign contributions or expensive fundraising dinners.
The system should by funded by tuition and fundraising, with the shortfall filled in by government loans.
But his surge this year as the primary season has gotten underway has no doubt helped his fundraising.
We should note right here that the fundraising events or the politicians who host them are not endorsed by these entertainers.
User fees should also be part of a funding mechanism that includes private fundraising and municipal tax revenue.
She brings all the skills party officials want--strong fundraising, tireless campaigning, and rallying of the base.
But because we've been entirely financed through charitable donations we're constantly fundraising to pay for the next stage.
Fundraising counsels do not conduct solicitation themselves, nor do they ever have custody or control of contributed funds.
Access tools and tips to help you expand your fundraising activities.
Here you are able to search for information on charities, charity fundraising professionals, and raffle registrants.
Candy, baked goods, soda and other foods with little nutritional value are commonly used for fundraising at school.
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