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Five pipes, the researchers say, might do the job within five or six years-but so far funding has not materialized.
The public deserves better from these organizations which use some taxpayer funding.
And yet hardly anyone is funding research into the science.
He spoke of federal funding for university and scientific research.
Legislators called for him to be fired and threatened to withhold basic funding.
When a disease is rare, so is the funding for research to treat and cure it.
But such funding is a solid investment in prosperity and health.
Because blacks have not shared proportionally in the power structure, it stands to reason that funding has been uneven, too.
Yet pockets of deep stress have emerged in funding markets.
One of the problems here, though, is the funding model of commercial textbook production.
About half the industry's funding comes from aid budgets, but the share of private money is growing.
Venture capitalists act as gatekeepers not only to funding but to introductions, partnerships, and future business opportunities.
Only a few brave voices admit that the choice is between raising funding or reducing free services.
It is why bankers' fat bonuses, paid from profits boosted by cheap funding, are unfair.
Most eyes in coming months will probably be on funding.
It will link funding to results-ensuring accountability in the way that funds are spent.
Spin-offs are solely reliant on the markets to continue funding them, which is a risky proposition if you study history.
Both will now start gathering deposits, a more stable form of funding.
It is also unclear what sorts of funding should count towards the totals that were pledged.
And raising funding costs is partly the point of the exercise.
The trade both in new and old gemstones could be a source of funding for this initiative.
But the craft is healthy, and mission managers are hoping for funding to further extend its working life.
Ask your elected officials to support funding for geography education.
Almost all senior faculty will come with portable funding, but since you are coming from industry, presumably you will not.
At the end of the weekend, only certain admits were offered funding.
It is not as if funding for athletics and funding for academics are competing against one another.
If you are applying for research positions it might also be good to describe goals in terms of external funding for research.
New plans to base teacher pay and state funding with student performance will only make things worse.
More per-student funding rather than less would be my guess.
The pay was much better, the funding was good, and the projects were usually interesting.
Research reports are those usually required by funding agencies or your employer.
He set about finding his own funding, his own premises, and his own publisher.
That's good for lab coats who need funding and low-skilled folks who need work.
Some advocates are calling for an increase in global health funding from global and multilateral donors.
Clean energy benefited from billions in stimulus funding.
First, the barrier to entrepreneurship was decreasing, meaning it was becoming easier to start a company and secure funding.
For eight years, stem cell researchers chafed at restrictions limiting government funding to a handful of preexisting cell lines.
He has been working with almost no funding and in isolation from the rest of the molecular biology community for decades now.
The gentleman argued that, if research isn't made to look relevant to the peoples' interests, they may not support funding.
There are plenty of people and even universities working on projects close to this scale, which all have little or no funding.
They overwhelmingly think science makes our lives better and that it deserves federal funding.
She finds it inconceivable that anyone doubts that quality day-care programs are worthy of public funding.
Funding for authors' advances may be provided by external investors hoping for a profit, as is done for films and plays.
Instead, funding could come from a coalition of foundations.
Those who oppose the government still draw on funding, support, and shelter from abroad.
As a result, the number of cell lines available to researchers who receive federal funding are few and of limited robustness.
We help students and faculty to formulate a problem into a project, find the right partners, and look for funding.
Last week the company announced half a million dollars in early-stage funding.
However, funding for his projects ran out at about the same time that the modern world decided to take a wired approach.
Experts say that despite lower operating costs, venture capitalists aren't likely to change their funding strategy.
Online crowd-funding, supported by social technologies, provides a new business model for book publishing.
It's because of such actions that pharmaceutical research is experiencing the pullback in funding that is going on right now.
The credit crunch is also crunching funding for new clean-energy projects.
Certainly, no one is taking their existing funding relationships for granted.
Both airlines and highways have dedicated sources of federal funding: gasoline and ticket taxes.
Selection is also limited by funding and available shelf space, and often is age- and time-sensitive.
Individuals interested in applying for funding should see the program guidelines above.
The cuts in arts funding have raised tempers to operatic heights.
They would deny funding to family-planning initiatives and organizations.
First open an account with a specific goal, such as funding a vacation.

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