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Changes in details designate functions for each space.
Technology functions as a tool to enhance your experience, rather than as an end in itself.
Ultimately, photography serves a patchwork of functions.
The question is whether it also functions in people-and might be manipulated to extend human life.
But science is nevertheless a story about the world, a way of explaining how everything functions.
He is to find consolation in exercising the highest functions of human nature.
Sometimes, however, the functions of the two are reversed.
Formal processes as distinct from grammatical functions.
The liver itself is the body's main chemical factory, performing hundreds of different functions.
Given the heart's many essential functions, it seems wise to take care of it.
In this lesson, students will learn about and act out the functions of the salt marsh habitat.
The researchers used special chemicals to coax the amniotic stem cells to develop different specialized structures and functions.
Emphasize the functions of the adaptations, not how well the drawings are made.
Nature tends to evolve specialized molecules that perform single functions extremely well.
Among its key functions is the protection of endangered species.
It's the way snakes modify the proteins that gives them entirely new functions.
Reasonable accommodation can be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform described essential functions of this job.
It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all functions, responsibilities, skills and abilities.
Each of these and other calendar apps and widgets offer functions and aesthetics that will appeal to different users.
Responsible for campus-based business affairs functions.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform these essential functions.
Many library functions and departments appear to becoming more autonomous, relying less on each other for success.
Three of their functions are, for now, irreplaceable.
To many in academe, that recommendation advocates the severing of the research and teaching functions of faculty members.
He participated fully and joyfully in an astounding array of the functions of the modern research university.
The executive functions of such universities are subordinate to the legislative functions.
Almost without noticing it, we've outsourced important peripheral brain functions to the silicon around us.
To replace the traditional publishing system, they need to provide alternatives to its main functions.
New models vary widely in price, functions, and features.
As a result, its other functions have received little attention.
The field may actively help regulate how the brain functions, especially during deep sleep.
Sugars play critical roles in many cellular functions and in disease.
And he will look towards adapting his position and his state directing his perception to all those functions.
Your behavior and environment can cause substantial rewiring of your brain or a reorganization of its functions.
Now new research indicates that invertebrates, too, possess higher cognitive functions.
Because humans carry a similar gene, the findings may shed light on the mechanisms and functions of sleep.
He uses this example to point out the relative influence of the different forest functions.
Many other organs also secrete hormones along with their other functions.
The scientists have started the daunting task of identifying their functions.
Secondly, decentralizing government functions will push more government functions and money to the provinces.
Such a technical error could have been detected if the prototype was put through trials to test it's functions.
More and more multinationals will shift the operation and control of key business functions away from their head office.
He is concerned that companies are outsourcing not only peripheral activities but many core functions too.
Their chapter on the ten functions of the modern state should be helpful for policymakers everywhere.
Having taken on some of the insurers' functions, the brokers seem to have believed that they deserved some of their premiums too.
Thus the infection spreads and, eventually, kills by affecting critical brain functions.
As the billions of transistors on the chips get smaller, there is more room to add extra functions.
Management and worker functions clashed uneasily together.
Some of the publishers' functions-packaging books and promoting them to shops-are becoming obsolete.
Some ministries have stopped serving booze at functions.
In practice, a patchwork of royal decrees frames the way the monarchy functions.
It's surreal moving your hand back and forth to navigate menus, launch apps or perform other functions.
Please allow ample time for ad copy and payment functions to be processed prior to these deadlines.
The restaurant also caters and manages large private or business functions as requested.
Individuals, groups and businesses can reserve the boat for corporate functions, weddings and family celebrations.
There is no end to the functions these tongs can perform.
Reserve these knives for the functions for which they were made and use heavy-duty knives for all other purposes.
Typically, robots are designed to perform specific functions and so are only operated for short time frames.
The time has now come for separating the diverse organs, and developing their functions.
Not only have they turned the job over to political parties, but they take money from taxpayers to pay for these party functions.
All the functions of citizenship they actually exercise except that of voting at certain elections.
Not only their functions, but their essential forms had long ago been agreed upon.
There is a well-known checklist of some of these functions and their failures.
One of her functions in this world was to serve as an object lesson for her nephew.
To me, that's what journalism is: explaining how the world functions.
Hence, he had to run it by reducing it to graspable functions.
It is more fascinating than the physiology of the body-what organs perform what functions and how.
The functions of music and dance in the evolution of the human species have only recently been seriously studied.
Portals did not want their search functions to be too good.
Not so robots, which can be used in almost any industry and for a wide range of functions.
The problem is not to grasp the parts of the brain, their names, and their functions.
Today it functions as a sort of all-purpose economic consulting firm with only one client, the president.
In ordinary times, that structure functions reasonably well.
The cell then proceeded to carry out the functions of a living organism, including reproduction.
Powerful enough meant having sufficient computing power to perform high-level functions.
The freedom and gaiety of balloons are functions of our own desire.
But big pharma is extravagantly rewarded for its relatively modest functions.
And the functions of infrastructure are still as essential as they have ever been, if not more so.
They tend to accept administrative authority without serious question unless it impinges upon their immediate scholarly functions.
More often than not, the apparently token effort to disguise a borrowing functions as a pointer to it.
Therefore selection on one function may result in inherited changes in other functions.
Some say that they've lost important functions, while others think that they gain harmful ones.
When adrenal functions go out of whack, the mind and body respond in startling ways.
And he thinks that natural selection could well have jury-rigged those preexisting structures to perform some new functions.
That's one way the brain functions, too, with neurons serving as the switches.
Despite their disparate functions, these systems seem to work together seamlessly.
Statistics point you toward possibilities and the recognition of new possibilities establishes new wave functions to probe.
Our hardwired gut reactions developed in a world full of hungry beasts and warring clans, where they served important functions.
Different proteins perform different functions, and their folded shape is absolutely critical to performing their functions.
The amygdala has many functions, including fear processing.
Proteins depend on these shapes to carry out their functions.
No appeal to quantum gravity is required to localize the wave functions of composite matter.
The rhodopsins responded to the signal faster, allowing the scientists to mimic brain functions when they stimulated the neurons.
It may be, they say, a novel evolutionary mechanism for organisms to pick up new genes and adapt them for new functions.
To avoid enemy crafts, naval submarines will often run silently, shutting down nonessential functions and cutting crew chatter.
The prefrontal cortex is closely linked to our highest cognitive functions.
Only later did all these functions come under the auspices of a single set of eyes.
Organelles have their own membranes and perform such functions as producing energy or gobbling up foreign invaders.
It also describes the basic cryptographic functions which are used in a tape encryption solution.
Companies build systems that often have more functions than users really need.
They then profiled the genes expressed in the cells and studied their functions.
It will then send this information to a central server, which functions as the clearinghouse for all users' profiles.
But there are moments when terror no longer functions.
Consuming them-toggling for hours between the incommensurable functions of reading and looking-is taxing.
Regular jiggering of organic functions is needed to keep the ratio from ballooning to something deadly.
Although these functions usually work in concert to give a unified picture of time, they are separable in the laboratory.
Jay's collection functions as a working research library.
As with any humor book, bodily functions make their due appearance.

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