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Any activity that keeps these visual circuits in better working order may improve overall cognitive functioning.
The fish that do not develop bony plates also do not develop a fully functioning lateral line.
But some success has been achieved in using pigs' heart valves and in treating patients whose livers stopped functioning.
In particular, it has two different types of cells, each of which plays an important role in the functioning of the whole.
Cane toad venom is a mix of toxins that primarily affects the functioning of the heart.
Gage believes that stem cells, capable of developing into functioning new neurons, may exist elsewhere in the brain.
It is something on which a nation agrees to lose money so that it has functioning, productive citizens down the road.
Within a couple of days he had regained his sanity and was functioning again.
So that is a big and enduring contribution-some amount of fluctuation does come out of a perfectly functioning economy.
For the first time, researchers have built a functioning lung by growing cells on the skeleton of a donor lung.
Yet a functioning democracy demands maximum accountability and transparency.
The newly built water purification system was not functioning, either.
The excess pressure from the fluid prevents the heart from functioning normally.
Fat is essential for the proper functioning of the body.
It is also essential for the functioning of the heart, muscles, and nervous system.
These organs will then be damaged and may stop functioning.
After all, stress could alter the functioning of the immune system, in turn altering susceptibility to cancer.
Laboratory tests may reveal anemia or show signs of reduced kidney functioning.
These are people with life-threatening illnesses at high risk of suicide who have impaired functioning.
The gap between our economy's need for functioning infrastructure and what is being invested in it has aroused much concern.
That's because a fully functioning ecology is tantamount to tangible wealth.
These exercises will keep the rest of your body healthy and functioning, as well.
That's usually enough to bring them back to normal functioning.
And two: this predisposition is an incidental by-product of cognitive functioning gone awry.
Ian now qualified for a school that specialized in high functioning autistic kids.
In terrestrial diabetes patients, the capsule could contain pancreatic islet cells, functioning as an artificial pancreas.
Any high-functioning festival needs an influx of star-power to attract attention and eyeballs in this media-saturated world.
Beyond our individual concerns, a poorly educated country leads to a poorly functioning country.
But the genetic variants affecting skin color have nothing to do with the functioning of the brain.
They're also counter-productive to the functioning of large, stable social groups.
Many websites are functioning largely as trade magazines that occasionally commit acts of journalism.
Whether a genuine functioning community actually exists behind the checkpoints is another matter.
If your basic level of functioning is impaired by seasonal affective disorder, you owe it to yourself to seek treatment.
Guilty pleas are what keep a legal system that is overwhelmed with drug cases functioning.
While some are high-functioning, others have more significant challenges.
Data centres are essential to nearly every industry and have become as vital to the functioning of society as power stations are.
Five years ago it had no running water, no functioning library, no computers and no sports ground.
She told me the officer was going through a messy divorce and was not functioning correctly.
Corruption has become so pervasive that it undermines even the functioning of the state.
Even in hospitals that are functioning again, medical staff are in short supply and treatment has become riskier.
High and variable inflation interferes with the smooth functioning of economies.
Another sign of a boom is the effort to keep the city functioning through these crippling winters.
But this network is not yet fully functioning-hence the resort to air-drops.
It is clear, for instance, that people and machines are critical to the functioning of the economy.
Arcane laws stand in the way of a well-functioning jobs market.
Unless that is functioning well, the rest is so much baggage.
It works with any camera, functioning independently so long as the device is powered up.
It's amazing to me that anyone with a functioning brain cell takes these ludicrously hypocritical buffoons seriously.
The long-term goal is to print a functioning spacecraft in a seemingly weightless environment.
Mixing science and politics is tricky but necessary for a functioning polity.
Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral that in trace amounts is required for the proper functioning of living cells.
Normally, tau helps provide structure crucial to neuron functioning.
It is likely that these processes take place in the subglacial environment and create a functioning microbial ecosystem.
For the heart to continue functioning properly, the damaged cells must be replaced.
First, our understanding of the complexity of real ecosystems is miniscule compared their actual functioning.
So, education gets short changed even though it's necessary to sustain a functioning republic.
Feeding starving millions in an unproductive environment will not produce a functioning society to support them.
With or without psychosis, you and your perfectly normal friends are lucky to be high functioning and able to hold a jobs.
When you close the vocal folds, they are essentials functioning as a valve.
By changing the meaning of words either the researchers or the author create a supposedly functioning paradox.
The chromosomes can get mixed while still functioning correctly as carriers of genes.
When the diabetic mice received insulin injections, their genes seemed to return to normal functioning.
It certainly has no place in science and will never be a functioning part of anything resembling a quest for the truth.
The actual article is comparing radiation released by normally functioning nuclear plant and working coal plant.
Further forests support biodiversity essential for a functioning living planet.
Yet for our future, there are few if any functioning alternatives.
When hemorrhaging occurs on either flap, the normally flexible folds swell and impair proper functioning.
Well, now we're heading for a similar ketchup effect for real functioning renewable technologies.
Other scientists are garnering evidence for the anecdotal claims that fish oils improve cognitive functioning.
The rover has been stuck there ever since, and now only four of its six wheels are functioning.
In the event you reside in the cold environment, make positive the dehumidifier is capable of functioning at small temperatures.
His mental functioning is impaired by whole-brain radiation and he is probably sterile.
They work together, but also independently for the proper functioning of our bodies.
He suggested she try visual aids and vitamins to keep any remaining cells functioning, but that was all he could offer.
The vehicle is a perfect symbol of the family's tenuous grip on reality: only the third and fourth gears are functioning.
It shows that many people with bipolar disorder are high functioning professional members of society.
In the so-called functioning democracy, spin doctors and lobbyists with deep pocket dominate.
On the plus side, it has a functioning democracy and no full-blown war.
They record where you're going, how fast you're traveling and whether everything on your airplane is functioning normally.
Manufactured mist swirls at the top of a functioning waterfall.
It's also apparently the last of its kind still functioning.
After that checklist is complete, a well-functioning ship is usually given more to do.

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