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Example sentences for fun and games

When things are tough, cut out the garbage and the fun and games junk.
Teaching with augmented reality is not all fun and games, however.
Walking around wearing ear-buds is all fun and games until a train comes by and flattens an unsuspecting iPod user.
There are fun and games galore to be had with this idea.
Musicians joined in the dancing, allowing those in the audience to feel as if they'd been allowed to witness family fun and games.
But it's all fun and games till somebody loses his head.
It's yet another reminder that investing isn't always fun and games.
Additionally, hotel services include fun and games for the whole family with an exercise room, gift shop and luxury indoor pool.
Kids will also find an arcade, a mini-golf course and a playground for more fun and games.
The teams been given a list of fun and games to do along the way.
During open swims, you'll still find one or two lap lanes open, but the rest of the pool is used for water fun and games.
Making and selling toys isn't exactly fun and games.

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