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There are no helicoptering, happy-fun card-providing parents here.
It will not be a lot of fun being a crime reporter in the capital for the foreseeable future.
Moreover, not only can gift-giving add value for the recipient, but it can be fun for the giver too.
Others merely think it fun to touch something so bulbous and endangered.
It was unconventional, risqué, slightly mad and a lot of fun to work for and read.
To make the humiliation complete, they recruit these executives as models, which is great fun for the rest of the staff.
It is fun to match the works on view with the people who gave them, speculating about the characters of the benefactors.
Sources of free or near-free fun are rising in importance.
The researchers did not confine themselves to poking fun at lexicographers, though.
For a family vacation, the element of fun is a must-have for any destination.
Consider activities carefully, though, so everyone will have fun.
They are centers of relaxation and vacation fun all in themselves.
It's a lot of fun once you get into it, but it's not always appropriate.
If students were getting enough sleep, they probably would miss out on some fun.
The track is a serious place, a locus of all work and no fun.
These are fun because everything is seen through a shattered mirror and float-y shadows and ghost shapes.
It's simple and clever, and what it lacks in power features it makes up for in easiness and fun.
If you are bored and don't mind reading a few chapters for fun then this is worth doing.
Easily, though this time of year the weather can make it less than fun.
Miniature golf can be a lot of fun, and it is even better if the course is decorated with dinosaurs.
Hands-on displays, interactive exhibits, and wildlife films provide fun and educational experiences for all ages.
The brain usually likes things that are fun and are pleasurable.
Boating and sailing and fishing, there are lots of fun things for families including hockey and many others for the school kids.
It's still a lot of fun for me to be an entertainer.
He has used everything from gumdrops to music and rides on the subway to make mathematics more fun and more accessible.
The meeting broke up in a great laugh, amid a storm of protests from the cranks whose fun was spoiled.
No wild frolic now, full of free fun and motion, up and down for an hour.
He was given to a bizarre kind of fun in high spirits, and occasionally to real gayety.
Ignoble, utilitarian outbuildings hidden in backyard corners have given way to something so much better-and much more fun.
Each story has an interesting fact which makes it more fun for the reader.
Collecting as many stamps in your notebook as possible is a big part of the fun.
Her determined goal each year is to ensure a fair, fun, and inspiring experience for the geographic students.
It might be fun for me, but my two year old might not appreciate her bath toys being all mangled.
In this activity, you will make a substance that is similar to quicksand-but much more fun.
These stories are great fun, but their premise seems biologically far-fetched.
We ride because it is fun, and it feels good to be fit.
One easy and fun test to do is examining whether substances float in water-which tells us how buoyant they are.
If it does, it'll send reminders to connect with other people or do something fun to help lift the gloom.
Making fun of politicians is a pastime practically as old as politics itself.
Let's be honest, this has been an unusually fun campaign to cover.
It's a small part, but he looks as if he's having fun.
And it's such fun giving yourself the beauty mask treatment.
The movie is a caper without playfulness or wit-it's accomplished but not much fun.
Iowans hear you making fun of them and complaining about their role in the presidential primary.
But if you're committed to really entertaining the reader and having fun, then a longer novel seems right.
Well, now the press is reporting the good news, and it's not as much fun.
At school, the master slaps the boys' hands, and the boys that have shoes make fun of the boys that have no shoes.
We can hardly have new fun while we're still working off the excesses of yesteryear.
The cuts wouldn't be fun, but there's a scenario that might be even worse.
Much of the fun is recognizing songs you haven't heard since middle school.
It is a fable for grownups that will be fun for children.
Beverly makes fun of the idea that a voice should be judged by the place where one hears it.
He had come in his official car, and he forked over about five thousand euros for the night of fun.
It's easy enough to make fun of her narcissism and her prevarications.
He also had great fun exchanging obscene and blasphemous letters and drawings with his friends.
Among the many not-fun things about going to the hospital is that the place has no fashion sense.
It makes fun of our penchant for oversimplification.
Photo-editing software gets more sophisticated all the time, allowing users to alter pictures in ways both fun and fraudulent.
After a year of grinding through his studies, he was ready for some fun.
It's fun to speculate on the ways people might use the device to augment their lives.
At this point, the genome-sharing tool is mostly fun.
Other motivations: the research is fun and the results compelling to watch.
Moon mining dust will not be fun to wash off space suits.
There are fun and games galore to be had with this idea.
Salmon tartare-eye-catching, fun, hip and tasty-has become a popular menu item in many top restaurants.
And don't let any anxiety over forming the cookies make you forget to have fun with what's inside.
Cleaning it is three-fourths of the fun, and you can't say that about a hulking stand mixer.
It pulls a hip crowd, serves late, and is a lot of fun.
The elements that make it great for a fun dinner with friends or special date carry through to their events.
But sometimes, especially when one's inner ten-year-old gets restless, the wheel can be fun to reinvent.
Escargots in a green- tinged garlic butter were too restrained to be much fun.
Coincidences are fun and fascinating, but they make scientists nervous.
We had a great time, and people in the travel business know that can add a lot of fun to a trip.
Sandra had taken a thorough history, but the fun of being a senior doctor is taking a second crack at it.
It was a really fun, energizing, and mind-expanding evening.
It makes medicine more fun, and it's a good lesson in academic humility.
Upgrading to a newer, sleeker computer is always fun, but it can leave some clutter around in the form of old hardware.
Some of these hypotheses are less mainstream, but more fun, than others.
It was a source of hilarity for him and the other altar boys, and when the priests scolded them, it only added to the fun.
Taking pictures and seeing them is fun, but truly it's better to be there.
There were tanks in the streets, so it was a pretty scary time to be there, but a lot of fun.
Of course, it's easy-really easy-to make fun of someone who wears a necklace announcing the awards he plans to win.
And that's what makes the first half of the movie fun.
At my shows, people are mostly delightful and amazing and fun.
He laughed so easily and so frequently, and he had such enthusiasm and energy, that he made the idea of service pure fun.
It's relaxing and fun, with beautiful beaches and fantastic restaurants.
It was a tremendous amount of fun, but it's also an inherently annoying art form.
It was then that the photographer became videographer, intent on making his products look fun.
It's fun, thinking about changing times and all that kind of thing.
Our composers were super involved in making sure that it felt true to the song and still really useful and fun.
Also, the second to last episode of this season was fun to film.
There are lots of fun activities on this page for kids, teens and adults.
There are plenty more fun events happening this year.
These puzzles and games make learning about ozone depletion and sun safety more fun.

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