fuming in a sentence

Example sentences for fuming

Fuming away and unable to keep it from spilling out no matter what the venue.
It has you laughing, crying and fuming in certain parts of the books.
Eric had to excuse himself several times to smoke a cigarette, leaving the hiring committee twiddling and fuming.
One or two said their significant others were fuming mad because they weren't answering texts.
To those not getting hired or being let go, she urges that you move on-neither wallowing nor fuming, nor hanging on hopelessly.
You're convinced he did it on purpose, and you start fuming.
Yes, lets take all those fuming polluting vehicles off the road and put up new ones.
You're convinced he did it on purpose, and you start fuming.
They obsessively stomp from site to site, from article to article, fuming and chafing to share their opinion with the world.
Indeed, many opposition politicians are fuming at the shoddy practices of election officials.
Big stars wear the stink of scandal, and the commissioners of the major sports leagues are fuming or squirming in public.
These processes were conducted on the thermal paper before and after the muriatic acid fuming, in their respective order.
Maximum contrast was achieved by processing items with magnetic powders after cyanoacrylate fuming.
The breakout point for this flow is the fuming area in the background to the right.
You're still fuming at the flight attendant who abruptly turned on the cabin lights, awaking you from a moment's sleep.
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