fumigator in a sentence

Example sentences for fumigator

Either this news station forgot to call the fumigator or this weather forecaster has a healthy imagination.
The fumigator should cover all corners and sharp ends with burlap or other padding to prevent the tarpaulin from ripping.
The fumigator is required to post a reentry notice on the property at the time the structure is judged safe for occupancy.
Colorimetric tubes, which are supplied by the fumigator, are used to measure gas concentration levels during aeration.
The properly signed form or a copy thereof shall be in the possession of the licensed fumigator when the fumigant is released.
The acceleration-deceleration control precisely times the fumigator fuel.
After a flood or fire, you may need to call a fumigator to remove lingering odors and mold.
The proposal required that employers obtain a warranty from the fumigator stating that the aeration period had been met.
Fumigations were conducted in a manner as was the custom of the fumigator.
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