fumble in a sentence

Example sentences for fumble

The fumble was typical of the seesaw nature of the game.
But once they have to be on their own, narcissists usually fumble and fall.
We fumble for the high-powered scopes and examine the spot.
Even a small change in their shape will produce botched proteins that fumble their electrons.
But he did not give the ball away on a fumble or interception.
Workers may lose coordination, have slurred speech, and fumble with items in the hand.
Don't stand in a doorway and fumble in your purse or pocket for your keys.
Those with an energy conscience don't have to fumble in the dark and cold.

Famous quotes containing the word fumble

I fail to see what fun, what satisfaction A God can find in laughing at how badly Men fumble at the possibi... more
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I drink the five o'clock martinis and poke at this dry page like a rough goat. Fool! I fumble my lost child... more
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