fumé in a sentence

Example sentences for fumé

As a treacherous slog through deep, unmapped, toxic-fume-filled caverns.
We had a high-efficiency fume incinerator on plant emissions.
And wait till you taste this fresh-faced fume with overtones of apple and pear.
And you don't inhale toxic fume to make your pennies.
Nationalists on both sides fume over alleged incursions by the other.
No mention was made that ozone formation of ethanol fume creates a serious problem.
Oh, how far the engine-whining, exhaust-fume-infused world of auto racing has come on the road to being green.
Travelers fume over credit card currency conversion fees.
Eco-friendly cigarette ads make tobacco foes fume.
Install a fume extraction system for a vocational training welding shop that consists of twelve welding booths.
The following references aid in recognizing asphalt fume hazards in the workplace.
Fume hood diversity is the percentage of hoods in a laboratory facility that are being used simultaneously.
Fume hoods are used to contain various levels of airborne toxic or hazardous materials.
Fume hoods do not generate noise but amplify noises generated in the exhaust system.
Exposure to these fumes is known to cause metal fume fever.
The purpose of a fume hood is to contain contaminants.
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