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When its head was either fully submerged or completely out of the water, however, the animal ignored the droplet.
When open, the walls disappear, fully connecting house and garden.
When each page is fully visible on your screen, print it on your color printer.
Fully evergreen in mild-winter climates and nearly so in harsh winters where there's no snow cover.
The beach cruiser bikes come fully loaded with helmet, basket, and total adorableness.
They're a great way to harvest fully-honey laden frames from the hive.
For less fuss, feel free to fully husk the corn and wrap it in foil.
When fully mature, the fruit has bright orangish yellow skin and juice.
Royal jelly turns an ordinary worker egg into a fully functioning queen bee.
When fully ripe, cantaloupes slip off the vine easily.
The fully packed old fashioned cabbage roses also lure me in.
Yosemite has human history fully as fascinating as its natural history.
Good for cooking until fully ripe, then good for fresh eating too.
We went to gather mustard seeds one day to make mustard for our one-block feast, but the seed pods hadn't fully formed.
We've seen carbonation in bottles after a week, but in general it takes two weeks for beer to carbonate fully.
To those who fully admit the immortality of the human soul, the destruction of our world will not appear so dreadful.
The dream suggests an ideal not yet fully emerged from the rock.
Some females had not yet reached fully mature body size when they started laying eggs.
As that continues, cinema in the future will place the audience in fully immersive environments.
Olson's findings establish facts that help us understand more fully what went into creating historic paintings.
Despite defendant's announcement, however, the website was never fully launched and therefore published no findings.
Made of a rubberized plaid fabric with leather details, the shoulder bag is waterproof and fully lined.
These are fundamental professionalism issues, and they cannot be fully explicated nor resolved in the space of this paragraph.
Technically, the world's first fully fledged open-source virtual currency is a marvel.
Others talk of leaving their car with the battery fully charged, only to return an hour or two later to find it flat.
In these cells it is protected from the drugs by mechanisms that are, as yet, not fully understood.
For one thing the yuan is not fully convertible, so it cannot be an anchor currency.
Even a wholly technocratic government can never fully escape politics.
Harvard is yet to comment officially on the proposed changes, which, although approved have not yet been fully designed.
Only the clean room, it seems, is fully climate-controlled.
These traits, however, did not spring into existence fully formed.
For local governments a fully fledged property tax would provide a stable source of revenue.
Meteorologists say it is impossible to explain fully how these things happen.
Academe fully shared that sense of promise and excitement.
The universities in question seem not to have fully considered the other side of their legal and ethical jeopardy in this matter.
Accommodations include rooms and one and two-room efficiencies with fully equipped kitchens.
Unfortunately, many doctors do not fully understand how to treat the injuries of lightning victims who survive a strike.
Her case is difficult because her eyes never fully formed.
More information is needed to fully understand the origin and meaning of the yawn.
Scientists have not fully understood how mosquitoes distinguish the smell of human breath and sweat from other odors in nature.
Indeed, the vast majority of cloned embryos fail to fully develop.
Laws and regulations in hunting areas are enough to keep us from living fully on the land.
Venture capitalists fully understand the rich potential of stem cells.
The charging station will work for fully electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrids.
But the significance of patterns in the code would not be fully appreciated for several decades.
Scientists have never fully understood how mosquitoes distinguish the smell of human breath and sweat from other odors in nature.
Once it nears the surface again, it can flap its tail and taxi without fully returning to the water.
The outer layer of fully grown bones is a stack of lines.
Monarchs and other migratory species use a complex combination of navigational aids that scientists do not yet fully understand.
The giant size of the creature is implied by filling fully half of the top half of the frame with the shell.
Explain that this lesson will help students to more fully understand the answer to that question.
The storm hood and powder skirt can be fully removed for supreme customization as the conditions demand.
When shopping for ham, be aware that smoked pork shoulder is available partially or fully cooked.
There's no other cooking method as interactive and therefore as fully absorbing.
The egg yolks in the sauce will not be fully cooked.
The bitterness of the greens was fully present but tamed by the creaminess of the cheese and the sweetness of the tomato.
By the time the real amuse-bouche arrived, they'd been fully transported.
The egg whites in the frosting might not be fully cooked, which may be of concern if salmonella is a problem in your area.
Holley cooks in order to be fully present in a particular moment.
She hadn't fully restarted the computer in several days, and thought that was the problem.
Only those who fully remember that day can fully appreciate what this news means.
To be sure, a hybrid mortgage system sounds a lot better than a fully nationalized system.
Going forward, the two herds will be genetically limited in ways the government has not yet fully evaluated.
They seem to come fully to life only around other people.
The best designs will set the stage but stop short of fully defining the experience.
Interested readers can compare them fully for context.
Yet, the method of transitioning an aid-dependent state to a fully sovereign state is not yet fully understood.
For example, certain amphibians retain fishlike gills even when fully mature and past their water-inhabiting period.
Pneumonias are a constant threat, since comatose patients don't cough or expand their lungs fully while lying motionless in bed.
In fact, he insists that a fully functioning model of a human brain can be built within a decade.
But the experience of using your mind's eye doesn't fully explain the mental processing that goes on beneath the surface.
One of the biggest concerns regarding all-electric cars is the limited driving range provided by a fully charged battery.
Diseases spread in ways researchers don't fully understand.
Or you might see a fully stocked general store with original wooden boxes and shelves with tin cans.
The fire won't be fully extinguished until the rains come in earnest, which could easily take another month.
Strokes and accidents that damage the brain or spinal cord sometimes leave people fully conscious but unable to speak or move.
For reasons still not fully understood, these cells can become aggressive toward beta cells.
Nobody fully locked in has ever answered a question.
In higher education, the reform story isn't so fully baked yet, but its main elements are emerging.
We didn't have time to air fully the second question.
He has been able to keep only the last of these promises fully.
As vehicle-to-vehicle communication goes mainstream, it could even pave the way for fully autonomous driving.
But the batteries and integrated circuits necessary to drive these devices make them difficult to fully miniaturize.
Gentry has developed a way to periodically clean the data to enable such a system to self-correct and be fully homomorphic.
Fully automated flights from beginning to end, he readily admits, would require a new system.
As a consequence, batteries are often discarded before they are fully used.
But unless they understand manufacturing, companies will likely not be able to fully exploit the new opportunities.
But it has become more difficult for the gate to fully cut off the flow of current.
Nowadays, it's easy for developers to build fully fledged applications that run inside the browser.
But experts expect it to take a year for the fix to be fully applied.
Greenspan worried aloud about how he'd ever be able to manage monetary policy once the nation's debt was fully paid off.
The paper's hacking culture was sustained and voracious, and the damage is only now being fully tabulated.
Even fully furnished, a hotel room is a drab backdrop for an interview.
Usually clean-cut, he came to work some days with a stubble of beard and occasionally walked around the office not fully dressed.
At this point, the pop-cultural snake will have fully consumed its tail, and all entertainment will implode and begin again.
These are deadly serious, if yet fully proven, charges.
They have been fully catalogued and published and many of their early inventories are available in print.
It is essential that the whole incident be aired and fully reported by those who have information about it.
The events of the intervening years have fully justified our initial fears.
The simplest kind of relative motion was fully understood by the ancients.
Human intention did not fully drive the process of emancipation.
Other cathedrals are fully stocked, and nearly every parish church has a monument or two to members of the local family.
Yet this response fully accords with the superficial nationalism that the government has been fanning now for two decades.
It's a rare one that can so fully share the sense of joy its cast, writers and crew have in making the show.
Fully modified estimation with nearly integrated regressors.

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