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Example sentences for fullness

The reason why a high protein intake causes this feeling of fullness was, however, unknown.
Despite this fullness, it's light enough to wear all day and it's been in the background of many of my life experiences.
The argument will, in the fullness of time, be overtaken by events.
With menopause and the loss of fertility, lips lose their fullness.
We shouldn't straight-jacket it into our narrow categories but attempt to capture its fullness and subtlety.
Yes, and the fullness of long-distance communication.
The buttons of her jeans are unsnapped to make way for its fullness, and also to indicate how it got that way in the first place.
Let him find out in time's fullness what a joke the word was, how it didn't come anyplace close.
It may also have been the source of what would later be his governing image of the universe: fullness, infinitude.
White's book, in the fullness of time, sold more than ten million copies and was translated into more than twenty languages.
Each portrait is written with feeling and fullness of heart.
We find the fullness of life not only in options, but in commitments.
In their company, as in the company of every form of art, he becomes intimately aware of the fullness and richness of life.
In no respect does modern geography stand out more prominently than in the increased precision and fullness of its work.

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