full time in a sentence

Example sentences for full time

We lived up there for another two and a half years, pretty much full time for the last year.
The grid still needs to be backed with full time power production.
Trying to keep everyone talking while trying to keep him alive because of his total lack of remorse or fear, is a full time job.
One guy in the village had a full time job smearing sticky sap on tree branches frequented by the birds.
But they may be paid far less, and for many it won't be a full time job at all.
Four of his children have worked or are working full time for their father.
One way to look at it is to say that that's roughly what a worker earning minimum wage and working full time earns in a year.
But even during the relatively low-sea-ice summer season, the route may not be quite ready for full time use.
It takes three people working full time to keep it operating.
Opposing the willfully ignorant could turn into a full time job, even if you limit your involvement to the arena of science.
There are priests who are full time scientists who would not agree with you.
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