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Example sentences for full stop

Maintain that distance when you decelerate or approach a full stop.
The engine is going to rev higher in response, but bring the car to a full stop safely and turn the engine off.
But you can also view it as a referendum on membership in the euro, full stop.
Yes, if there are no pedestrians around it's not that bad, but if you don't come to a full stop you might not notice pedestrians.
Compatible with what would be expected from some dark matter particles in some galactic halo models, full stop.
When the melody changes the sound comes to a full stop, instead of gliding from one song to the next.
Thus, if an extract ends with a full stop or question-mark, put the punctuation before the closing inverted commas.
The first is set out in your article: that organic farming is better full stop.
Lehman showed that it's impractical to let a bank fail full stop.
Having an inflation target means you are targeting inflation, full stop.
That's an infringement on freedom of contract, full stop.
And they can usually be cured by issuing more money--full stop, end of story.
Remain seated until your motorcycle has come to a full stop.
It's a test of how capably both horse and rider can race forward, come to a full stop and turn.
In either case, remember that the motorcycle should be straight up when you come to a full stop.
In some instances, motorists simply do not come to a full stop.
Drivers are required to come to a full stop and may proceed when pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk.
Make full stop landings and taxi back to the same starting point.
The bus should be accelerated at full throttle from a full stop to maximum safe speed on the track.

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Stupid word, that. Period. In America it means "full stop" like in punctuation. That's stupid as well. A pe... more
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