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Lots of people know the full moon and the crescent moon, but don't know the phases in between.
The sun, if visible at all, seems dimmer than the full moon on a hazy night.
After worshipping the full moon, family members would eat the cakes together.
On the night of the full moon the city opens its archaeological sites and monuments to the public for free.
Barbara literally howls at the full moon and has attempted suicide four times.
Music cries out to us alone, and the full moon winks our way.
When a full moon rose three days after the quake, a few toads risked a return.
It was brighter then the full moon and did not break up at all.
Another wonderful sight is a complete ring around the high full moon at night.
Some people believe tonight's full moon will have a loony effect on human and animal behavior.
The phrase has come to refer to those rare occasions when a second full moon appears within a single calendar month.
Glare from a full moon washed out some of the meteors during this year's peak.
In this three-hour exposure during a full moon, the two brightest stars in the sky are described as arcing lines.
Outdoor concerts are held here every full moon night, except in the summer, when the mosquitoes can carry you away.
The moon's cycles are a result of having to recharge the batteries following the power drain of a full moon seriously.

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