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Avoid providing fire with extra fuel and pathways to your house via wooden trellises, fences, or sheds.
Nuclear energy is considered by many people to be the only realistic alternative to fossil fuel to power our civilization.
Most cost calculations neglect the effect of diversifying our energy supply on fossil fuel prices.
To fuel their added brain power, these hominids probably introduced new energy-rich foods to their diet.
We went through and readjusted all of our steam traps and chilled water usage, fuel usage, everything that goes into energy.
With gasoline prices high again, universities are looking for ways to reduce their long-term reliance on the fuel.
Over the past few years engineers have been designing fuel cells that will be useful outside space agencies.
With rising fuel costs, automotive efficiency has become a primary concern for many new vehicle buyers.
The reactor can be shut down by moving control rods into place around the fuel.
Everybody's talking about micro fuel cells and their potential, but there are no actual products.
Until recently, the cold-weather performance of fuel cells was a work in progress.
Even if the water leaked away, the fuel wouldn't get hot enough to melt.
As a source of power for cars, fuel cells have been a disappointment.
Senate debate over automobile fuel standards boils down to dueling statistics and, of course, politics.
Hydrogen, which can be made electrolytically from water and used to power fuel cells, is difficult to handle.
Watermelon, the quintessential summer fruit, may soon be helping to fuel your car as well as your picnic guests.
To incinerate some materials, extra fuel needs to be added.
Fuel prices have plunged, the world economy is in a tailspin and airlines are running all kinds of promotions to fill empty seats.
Discovering an economical and environmentally cleaner alternative to fossil fuel.
Fuel cells create electricity from chemical reactions.
For example, in many areas of the world, wood is used for fuel.
Each item had to be scrupulously weighed because each cost its weight in fuel.
But the kerosene does not light right away, it boils off creating vaporized fuel.
But though the reactors were closed down, some of their fuel was still around in storage ponds.
Plant-based fuel could be coming to a gas station near you.
Chemical fuel is out of the question-you could never store enough of it.
There are some signs that the algae-based fuel industry might be ready to bloom.
All the more so when it is based on fuel cells that convert hydrogen direct to electricity without combustion.
Some fungi eat radiation to fuel their growth, a new study suggests.
And even were that not so, fuel is one of airlines' biggest costs, so there is a strong incentive to burn less of it.
And they say the advanced reactors that would run on that recycled fuel would mark a new level of progress on safety.
Hybrid car owners who thought they'd be getting much better fuel efficiency than conventional cars have been disappointed.
Fewer onward flights means fewer fuel guzzling take-offs and landings.
The fuel the piece consumes only amounts to an ounce or so of fuel per attendee at the event, they note.
Fuel cells are also being used to power unmanned surveillance drones.
Traditionally, fuel cells work best with a refined fuel containing synthetic sugars, such as glucose.
Burning fuel for power costs money, and fossil fuel markets can be heavily dependent on world events and local supply issues.
These natural gases are used to heat homes and businesses and fuel stoves.
Any hints of anger or frustration may only serve to fuel the negative behavior.
To get the correct amount of fuel at the optimal time, stick to these strategies.
When neighbors quarrel, lookers on are more apt to add fuel than water.
What balks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy.
What baulks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy.
Stage-plays also carried me away, full of images of my miseries, and of fuel to my fire.
Such a machine would have had all the advantages of steam without requiring the expenditure of fuel.
Patriotism is the fire of it, no doubt, but this is fed with fuel of all sorts.
Slowly as it had been withdrawn, the flame grew again into the candles on the table, again into the fuel in the grate.
Odds and ends go into the wood chipper to make heating fuel, and sawdust is spread around the trees for mulch.
The pontoons and the fuselage were packed with fuel, supplies, camping gear and emergency equipment.
With the world's focus on limiting fossil-fuel consumption, hydropower has become the easy answer.
The walls and ceiling of his workshop are blackened from the charcoal fires that fuel his forge.
And in fact, there is not nearly enough fossil fuel to account for the atmospheric oxygen inventory.
Motor manufacturers are betting heavily on fuel cells as the engines for tomorrow's cleaner cars.
It also means the quality of the fuel degrades almost as soon as you start to make it, meaning that you cannot stockpile the fuel.
Several firms have taken that idea to heart and are seeking profitable ways to turn rubbish into fuel.
Over the past ten years such cars had largely switched from petrol to diesel for better fuel economy and lower taxes.
Helicopters need powerful engines to drive their rotors, and that means they use a lot of fuel.
There is no denying their promise: clean-burning fuel that could reduce a country's dependence on foreign oil.
Second, dearer oil could fuel inflation-and that might prompt a monetary clampdown that throttles the recovery.
If you drive to a workshop or a training session in your own vehicle and pay for the fuel, you can deduct the milage.
The high cost of treating human wastewater may one day tank thanks to a bacterium that eats ammonia and produces rocket fuel.
Hydrogen may be getting a step closer to becoming a mainstream, renewable fuel.
White dwarfs are stars that have burned up all of the hydrogen they once used as nuclear fuel.
Watermelons are delicious and great fuel for kids on a hot summer afternoon.
If fossil fuel use continues to rise, so will global temperatures, with severe consequences for the planet.
Today, although it's no longer the primary fuel source, peat is still used to flavor the barley.
Fuel-cell engines use chemical reactions to produce electricity, instead of burning fuel, as internal-combustion engines do.
Fuel cells are one of many advances that may increase the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel over the long term.
Variable price tickets could solve the problem, because they would increase in price as the cost of fuel rises.
Besides automakers, a few green fuel industry representatives also sat on the panel.
It's an efficient way of getting a balance of performance, fuel economy, and pricing for the customer.
At the end of their useful lives spacecraft typically contain some fuel left over from launch or from orbital maneuvers.
There were other factors, but one theory suggests that it did begin with fuel.
Meanwhile, the machine itself went through its own self-test, checking its fuel and batteries.
Hydrogen is the ultimate have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too alternative fuel.
Dot despised him, but that only seemed to fuel his adoration of her.
Several other factors helped fuel the financial industry's ascent.
Such is the prevailing level of mistrust that quick flashes of envy or suspicion can fuel homicide.
No matter how scarce fuel is, there's always enough for the thief.
Now, with the emergence of electric cars, lithium could challenge petroleum as the dominant fuel of the future.
Describes the different fuel efficiency and body construction requirements for trucks and cars.
Also, the second reactor uses plutonium fuel, which makes the situation worse.
And relying on foreign money to fuel that kind of frenzy is foolish, since it puts you at the mercy of fickle foreign investors.
But the plane was plummeting, and flames were nearing the fuel tank.
Falsehood, it must be said, is the fuel of this famous movie.
There were so many of them, consuming so much food and fuel and water, that they could hardly make a major move across the desert.
There he will bathe, stock up on fuel, and return home with fresh meat and fish.
Learn more about the world's biggest fuel source-while it's still around.
How to survive the return of the world's dirtiest fossil fuel.
Oxygen and hydrogen molecules are then sent to a fuel cell that can produce electricity.
Fuel cells- and possibly super-capacitors, not batteries- will be the enabling technology.
Each galaxy possesses a finite portion of this primordial fuel, and there is no way to make any more of it.
In this case, water is broken down into oxygen and hydrogen, which can be stored and recombined to power a hydrogen fuel cell.
High in calories but low in nutrition, junk food isn't exactly optimal fuel for kids.
We only heard about this money-is-fuel situation because of cold-snap reporting.
The main problem lies with the hydrogen-isotope fuel the reactors use.
Methane can be stored and later used to fuel a vehicle or run a generator.
Because it consumes no fuel, geothermal is clean and almost endlessly abundant.
As a result, fresh nuclear fuel containing plutonium would have to be guarded almost as tightly as nuclear weapons are now.
Stars shine by fusing hydrogen into helium in their cores, a process that gradually uses up the star's hydrogen fuel.
The principal minus was that his plane carried only enough fuel for nine hours and forty minutes of flight.
It's even created a viable jet fuel from the green goo.
Such a system allows efficient users to profit while wasteful users must pay for burning more fuel.
One by one, the senators shaping the bill tossed pieces over the side: no restrictions on transportation fuel or on factories.
Even the smog was abating, now that coal had been replaced by electricity and cheap fuel oil.
Methanol fuel cells have the potential to replace batteries as a lightweight power source for portable electronic devices.
The future of fuel-cell vehicles is already happening in an unlikely proving ground: forklifts used in warehouses.
Satellite navigation technology is focusing on reducing fuel consumption.
Technology exists to double gas guzzlers' fuel efficiency.
These tips on driving more efficiently and maintaining your car will help you improve the fuel economy of your car or truck.
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