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Their tan, alveolate slices exude an aroma and taste that is positively fruity.
Brominated vegetable oil creates the cloudy look by keeping the fruity flavor mixed into the drink.
The name is fruity, but these are essential for aid climbing.
Fiery and fruity, it's notable for the subtle balance of spice and citrus, and the impeccable quality of the fish.
The chops and the greens had been dispatched and a fruity granita, served in tall crystal cups, had been placed before us.
Recently, several companies have begun marketing first aid products that include the fruity destroyer.
They puff deeply, releasing plumes of fruity-smelling tobacco smoke.
Without the bitterness of hops, it had a fruity, sweet taste.
Gas bubbles and fruity smells signal that fermentation is under way.
They have a life-long affinity for the distinctive smell of their fruity birthplace.
Vila sets beside the carafe a loaf of bread, a knife, and a saucer filled with extremely fruity olive oil.
And the fruity, old-fashioned, quasi-operatic voice with which he sings his solos.
Try tasting tangerines, fruity concoctions without the intoxicant, instead.
Fruity means simply that the wine has pronounced flavors or aromas of fruit.
Fruity and crisp-great with spicy pork and sweet-hot toppings.
They have an odd-fruity flavor and absolutely no acid at all.
Other symptoms include bad fruity-smelling breath and tremor.
They offer excellent structure, good acidity, and alluring earthiness to balance floral and fruity notes.
At that point, beer imbibers hadn't quite embraced fruity ales.
Ancho chiles, which are readily available in supermarkets, are more fruity than spicy.
The zest is rubbed directly into the flour, while the pulpy flesh gives an intense, fruity flavor.
It will let other countries know we're serious and organized, if a little fruity.
Fresh chanterelles have a pleasant, fruity fragrance.
Both possess a pleasant, fruity aroma similar to apricots, and both are choice edibles.
Another team makes film so fruity--for coating apples, to keep their beauty.
But there's another choice: a creamy, fruity, crunchy yogurt parfait.

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