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The researchers then created a mathematical model of how the fruits could accommodate the stress.
It's not unusual for plants to produce mutant fruit that lacks seeds, but these fruits are usually the end of their line.
The holidays are upon us, and so are the sickeningly sweet cakes decorated with neon-colored fruits.
Selling fruits and veggies in boxes that don't leach chemicals into landfills sounds equally wonderful.
The second-growth forest that squirrel monkeys prefer for the plentiful soft fruits and insects is rapidly disappearing.
The sodden, spoiled fruits of last year's fruit linger on the ground.
Another hypothesis is that primates needed to see well to pluck fruits from the ends of tree branches.
So fresh fruit desserts can work nicely with these drinks that are actually more naturally similar to the fruits themselves.
In the morning, one group of animals would be let into the enclosure, and their responses to one of the fruits were recorded.
He went from that first tiny plot to a whole acre of irrigated fruits and vegetables.
Vegetables include, commonly though not botanically speaking, all plants used for food except grains and fruits.
Nuts or glacé fruits cut in pieces may be added to cream.
The market is now glutted with tropical fruits of all kinds.
Apples, peaches and many other common fruits demand exacting spraying and pruning.
Salads can also lower caloric intake, and get us closer to the recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies.
And when the fruits of his labor finally paid off, he would have paid a lot.
Many others enjoy spending the fruits of their labors traveling and learning about other countries and cultures.
They may also be a vehicle for sharing the fruits of academe with the public.
Likewise, mom's advice to eat your fruits and vegetables stands your brain in good stead.
Surely there will be some who don't find enough nourishment in the fruits of the prestige-economies and the money-economies.
Flush that stuff right out of my system and them replenish my body with great amounts of fresh fruits and veggies.
Apricots are early-blooming trees and generally not as hardy as the other fruits described here.
Organic dried fruits are grown and dried without the use of chemical pesticides or petroleum-based fertilizers.
Most vegetables and fruits, with the exception of avocados, are also low in fat.
Farmers use fertilizers on crops such as grains, fruits, and vegetables.
Erect, deciduous shrub with opposite leaves and both flowers and fruits in pairs growing from leaf axils.
In tropical climates, people often rely on starchy fruits such as plantains and breadfruit.
They avoid sweet fruits, which could cause deadly bloating from rapid fermentation.
The lack of fruits or vegetables often led to outbreaks of scurvy and other diseases.
Bluebirds eat small fruits and hunt insects, spiders, and other creatures from above.
Create a list of your favorite veggies and fruits and find a place for them in your garden.
It is the home to a unique, and immobile, living collection of fruits and berries.
Its giant bunches of red fruits are rich in oil that proved useful in soap and later as a lubricant for steam engines.
They are found in many fruits and vegetables, and even in red wine.
Also, people are spending more money and fruits and vegetables then sugars and sweets.
The flies were given two different fruits as egg laying sites.
It is in a position to fully exploit the fruits of any research.
Till then, lets relax, enjoy the fruits of big growth and relax.
Low interest rates create a great environment for industries that grow slowly and need time to produce their fruits.
Fruits are even more energy intensive than vegetables, and they are relatively more expensive.
Some of their tenets are a bit vague surrounding what they consider acceptable fruits and vegetables.
Apparently the fruits react to the stress by creating more protection.
Both fruits are generally sprayed with pesticides to prevent insect infestation and usually washed before shipment.
We've grown sugarcane, pineapple, vegetables and fruits without using any pesticides and they have been healthy and delicious.
Sugars in fruits, for example, are natural sources of energy.
Americans still fall short of the recommended daily portions of fruits and vegetables.
Chimpanzees generally subsist on fruits, but they will hunt on occasion.
Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water rather than under a running faucet.
Many vegetables and fruits are picked and into retail outlets in a matter of a few hours, or less.
Ethyl acetate is an ester that is found naturally in fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apples and coffee.
It's simply a matter of choosing a restaurant that offers healthy meals rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
Anyone who cooks knows that several fresh fruits and vegetables last a long time with no refrigeration.
The country is rich in fresh vegetables, exotic fruits and delicious meat.
High levels of antioxidants in the body are the direct result of diets focused on fruits and vegetables plus vitamin supplements.
The fruits of technological innovations introduced five years ago are being harvested today as more efficiently run operations.
Presumably, these will be the financial fruits-for the cable networks and their content partners-of the new walled gardens.
Wealth and accomplishment were cast in material molds, the marketable fruits of productivity and profits.
When she went driving, fruits and vegetables were hurled at her.
It has a walled kitchen garden to supply fruits and vegetables on a self-sustaining basis year-round.
The refrigerator was overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Nutritionists are always telling everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables.
He also told me that he couldn't think of anyone who cooked with the unripe versions of these fruits or vegetables.
And they're easier than many fruits to grow organically.
The program works to improve the image of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables among low-income families.
The latest approach to encouraging kids to eat fruits and vegetables is edible stickers.
Urban revitalization does not at first glance relate to the growing national interest in fresh fruits and vegetables.
More precisely, they reportedly ate less animal fats and more fruits and fresh fish.
No one who makes a lot of money has cause to complain that the state is depriving him or her of the fruits of labor.
Summer is here, and the markets are bursting with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Both artisans guard their sources for wild berries and the best citrus and stone fruits.
But there are oodles of things that are tasty and good, vegetables and fruits that really make up a good diet.
In neither of the stories is there mention of the fruits being used in the kitchen.
No foods are forbidden, occasional treats are encouraged, and the plan emphasizes all-you-can-eat fresh fruits and veggies.
There is every indication efforts are underway invisibly to get it unstuck, but the fruits of those labors remain hidden.
His job is to range around the country and the world and find exotic fruits, or uncommon varieties of common fruits.
Some people feel happier with all those vAses of flowers and fruits and foliages.
We plucked off the walnut-size fruits and filled a basket with them.
The other feature is the bitterness of the war's fruits.
It will take years before it matures and fruits, naturally.
It's a testing ground where a musician shows off the fruits of his homework.
But they've often done less well when it comes to making sure that the fruits of that economy are shared.
In exchange for control over the fruits of invention, he gave his engineers the freedom to invent.
The delights of these fruits are enriched by some piquancies of irony in their flavors.
It is difficult to write a coherent history of military campaigns which in the end yielded no fruits to anyone.
My first impression is of daybreak, light and colour and golden and purple fruits at the level of my shoulder.
The fruits of this unintended surge of fame are evidenced in various ways by the current harvest of books about him.
They didn't want him to lose the fruits of his labor.
And they made magnificent jewelry whose forms were based not on flowers or fruits or mythological figures, but on light itself.
Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is a cornerstone of good health.
For juicier fruits, a toss with cornstarch will help thicken the mixture.
The news isn't that fruits and vegetables are good for you.
In many poor urban areas, grocers don't carry fresh fruits and vegetables.
With a full roster of fresh fruits in play, summer is a great season for pastry chefs.
Early in the season, the immature fruits were white and bitter-tasting.
It's cherry season, and those sweet-tart little fruits are so alluring.
Smooth and substantial, this dish is a welcome foil for pork roast with winter fruits or other roasted meats.
For instance, a farmer would no longer be considered a farmer if she sold jam made from fruits produced on her farm.
Pristine waters yield fresh whitefish, and prolific orchards are filled with pie-ready fruits.
Well that is indeed an interesting way to use freeze-dried fruits and veggies.
Over this goes a layer of chicken or beef or mashed dried fruits, and the husk is rolled.
Inside, the atmosphere will put you in the mood for one of their spectacular fruits de mer platters.
Such an off-season profusion of fruits and vegetables was never dreamed of in my early days of menu planning.
Tart fruits can be tricky, because the acid can curdle the milk.
After the valleys went under the plow, a profusion of fruits and vegetables flourished in the rich alluvial soils.
In theory, you need only reach out and luscious fruits and other tidbits will fall into your hands.
Chili plants pump their fruits full of capsaicin, a chemical that stimulates pain-sensing neurons in the mouth.
Other types of produce are often implicated in food-borne disease outbreaks, so fruits and vegetables are still under scrutiny.
But the vultures don't always get to enjoy the fruits of their labours.
The vulnerable are those resembling my patient-elderly or alcoholic people who don't eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
Unable to soak up the fruits of its labours, the yeast starves.
The animals have been switched from monkey chow to fruits and vegetables, a diet now common in zoos.
Our bodies thrive on animals, fruits, and vegetables.
Zoos were feeding their tamarins traditional monkey fare: fruits and vegetables.
Get some tips to help you and your family make half your plate fruits and vegetables.
Walk into today's food store and you'll see fresh fruits available in fairly constant supply during the entire year.
Eating fruits and vegetables everyday as part of a healthy diet can help you fight disease.
Bag fresh fruits and vegetables separately from meat, poultry and seafood products.

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