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As a scientific historian and physicist, he understands how important and fruitful it is to work in a trans-disciplinary manner.
Last summer, bosses spent many fruitful hours with their lawyers discussing how to limit their risks.
It's much more fruitful to spend time on one or two locations than to race around.
He probably should have foreseen that the psychic path was not particularly fruitful.
They believe the culture thrived for hundreds of years, breaking up into settlements and living off the fruitful land.
With some ingenuity and imagination, there could be fruitful future applications, but not for furniture.
AN arid, desert patch cannot be transformed into a fertile, fruitful garden by a spasmodic spraying of its surface.
It was your standard fare about the number and quality of applicants, followed by well wishes for a fruitful career.
It oversaw a fruitful truce between business and labour that produced a golden period for capitalism with benefits all round.
Comparing gene expression in two populations of foxes raised in identical conditions is potentially much more fruitful.
As fruitful as your life has been, your legacy will last for many generations to come.
Power counts for a lot, but a little finesse also lends itself well to a more fruitful play session.
Fruitful scholarly careers depend upon building relationships as well as one's library.
Not all adult encounters have such a fruitful outcome.
Researchers involved in the field suggest a number of research avenues that could be more fruitful for counter-terrorism.
What is fruitful to me is studying their differences to learn the best of both worlds.
May the family be comforted in the knowledge that she lived a long, fruitful and happy life.
Companies, after all, are meant to invest other people's money in fruitful ventures that help expand the economy.
She lived a long, exciting and fruitful life and touched the lives of many.
Then this cooperative endeavour could prove fruitful.
We will have to wait and see which of the tactics is more fruitful for the cause.
There is no guarantee that fiscal consolidation would prove fruitful.
The subsequent ad contact proved fruitful beyond his wildest dreams.
It's a conscientious work, but pruned by a third it would have been three times as fruitful.
The couple plant a tree and say a prayer, then set about being fruitful and multiplying.
From then on the hamsters would be fruitful and multiply.
But many amateurs enjoyed fruitful collaborations, and all were brought closer to the stars.
These conditions provided a fruitful environment for plants and animals to differentiate and flourish.
Scattered in the dense foliage, the gorillas appeared peaceful, unhurt-and fruitful.
He believes that a patient approach to interrogation is often more fruitful than torture.
Something happened on my campus last year that offers a hopeful, even fruitful, answer to those questions.
Access to education, quality, and fruitful partnerships were among the subjects discussed at the conference.
Groups can make the writing experience more meaningful and fruitful.
Blockbuster drugs are losing their patents and, despite some bright spots, research has become more costly and less fruitful.
It would be more fruitful to pay attention to the market for corporate control.
But in the past this often led to fruitful compromises.
There can never be fruitful discussions in the face of such activity.
How the world can expect a fruitful negotiation take place with frustrated leaders.
It's possible that he may get some interesting suggestions and have some fruitful conversations with citizens.
Futility appears nowadays to be as fruitful a subject for the novelist's pen as success was formerly.
Casual conversations among colleagues can prove surprisingly fruitful.
Instead, a more fruitful way forward is to think about the computational complexity of the problem.
These talks helped set the stage for fruitful discussions in the closed sessions that followed.
Some fresh and fruitful showers upon my sunburned brain.
It was not so much an awakening of thought as a change of direction which proved in the sequel to be amazingly fruitful.
Of fruitful land, all of which shall be her jointure.
All nature is enchanted, and fruitful as imagination itself in indefinitely varied creations.
These later years have been living years-fruitful years for the people of this democracy.
Fruitful seasons have done much to secure it, but they have not done all.
Breakfast-related coinages proved to be another fruitful line of thought.
My own way of being fruitful in the academic community has been to work in little stints.
In this long struggle, the past few months have been especially fruitful.
The implication seems to be that communicating through the mail would have been a more fruitful procedure.
We know the healing effect on the sick of change of air,-the action of new scenery on the mind is not less fruitful.
He and his co-authors suggest that tools, culture and a diverse gene pool helped our early ancestors be fruitful and multiply.
The relatively new concept of cash transfers is also proving fruitful.
Fruitful discussion and reasonable solutions to our economic challenges are not resulting from the current animosity.
These days, prospecting for saves isn't too fruitful.
His research has also sparked a fruitful ongoing dialogue between the two of us about language and meaning.
Blue mussels have offered scientists an easier and more fruitful course of study.
The fruitful mission beamed home this stunner as part of a video of the auroras on the sixth planet.
In particular, what didn't pan out in terms of fruitful use of labor.
Actually, there are approaches being taken that may prove fruitful.
Power supply is an area that will be fruitful for future work.
Turning this into a world wide free for all is a fruitful way to get to the bottom of things.
That, together with its wide-ranging implications, is in fact what has made it exciting and fruitful.
Powers's other big structural decision is equally fruitful.
And in parts of the world, the command to be fruitful and multiply is still pronounced and heeded.
He is in his sixty-fifth year, a time more usually deciduous than mellowly fruitful.
It is not true that surveys are entirely divorced from the possibility of fruitful experimental manipulation.
The trust they lavished on producers has resulted in fruitful relationships.
It is possible to initiate a new project that will be fruitful.

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