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Example sentences for frugally

But if you can live frugally or have a little supplemental income, you can find a pleasing balance between work and life.
We live frugally and aren't rich by any means, but we're not going into debt.
The car you have has had a lot of resources put into it, use it frugally and for as long as possible.
Everything is frugally pared down to the barest minimum.
They may live frugally and hoard what they have, or dissipate it in a wild spree.
He lives frugally, does not drink or smoke and seems baffled by the idea of time spent not working.
They were obliged to live frugally, rise early, put on a suit every day and tirelessly accost strangers.
It has spent frugally and made careful use of its natural advantages, such as its prime position astride important trade routes.
Or your seventh-grader who has a taste for designer styles might offer really good tips on living more frugally.
Although many leisure travelers spend more money than they would in their everyday life, others might choose to travel frugally.
He was eighty-three years of age, and lived quite frugally.
Splurge on a vacation this year, and you're forced to live frugally next year.
They lived frugally, finding comfort in familiar surroundings, shrouded from the harsh discrimination outside.
She and her husband live modestly, if not frugally, and have the usual bills of any family.
Spending our own money would encourage our citizens to spend their health care dollars more wisely and frugally.
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