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Example sentences for frugality

Making people aware of the cost of leaving the lights on should encourage frugality.
It never occurred to me that my frugality could boost my social life.
Frugality is not high upon the list of defining virtues of the real doll enthusiast archetype.
Forcing a mandatory technology fee on students who are practicing frugality is unfair.
Science values frugality in the expression of theory but has difficulty teaching the same value in other aspects of life.
Kids will learn valuable lessons about frugality and patience.
When the frugality goes a little deeper, it can have a bigger impact still.
Hopefully frugality and honesty return as human virtues.
Her limited government tenure is marked by ethical rigor and frugality.
Hopefully that situation will improve with increased frugality.
But offsetting the frugality is the staggering cost of the installation.
Honda made it a two-seater coupe to emphasize that frugality can be fun.
The world within those limits was marked by frugality and obedience to authority.
Part of my potato-recycling desire reflects the spirit of frugality during our economic woes.
Avarice is the parent of evil deeds, but frugality is the sure guardian of our virtues.
Now, some of those costs arguably do reflect a lack of frugality-homes are more expensive in part because they're so much bigger.
The new normal trend suggests two things: lowered expectations for economic activity, and a climate of frugality.
Such frugality with food comes naturally to both of us and has been fortified by time on the farm.
These communities, because of poverty and culture, have a sense of frugality that is unmatched-a powerful tool for change.
Obvious manifestations of the new frugality include the success of discount supermarkets and no-frills airlines.
These bogeymen offered excuses to anyone who had a problem with prudence and frugality.
Among the members of the family there is a strong resemblance, and streaks of irascibility and frugality too.
It makes frugality a true virtue-and a delicious one at that.
The frugality of the evening, however, is entirely up to you.
Frugality is the new chic, and belt-tightening is all the rage.
The oak woodwork and tiled floors attest to the era of frugality.
While government doesn't create jobs, government frugality and limited intervention can encourage investment and entrepreneurship.
The first of three lesson plans deals with the virtues of frugality.
The loss of capital led him to emphasis frugality in the construction.
Counsel for respondent has recalled to us the virtues of self-reliance and frugality.
Frugality is a virtue share money-saving tricks with a friend.

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