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All six birds stopped what they were doing and froze.
Salt oozed upward, splitting the rocks, and then water cracked them open further as it froze and thawed.
Aware that the theater's tough audience could make or break her career, she froze.
He told them whose house it was, and what his orders were, and simply froze them off the doorstep.
Your words were walls which suddenly froze around her.
Our tools froze until the hands that gripped them were scarred as if by red-hot spits.
As soon as he had said this again, the same familiar sensation froze his heart.
Furthermore, books froze their contents into a condition which was as challenging to alter as it was to reproduce.
All the electronics in the video camera froze so film was the only technology that worked.
Eventually the sea itself froze, and the entire region was later blanketed by dust, the researchers say.
His face froze when he spoke about the starving children he had seen.
When the burros spotted me, all six froze, staring up at the two-legged intruder.
After watching the ants form rafts, the team froze the rafts in liquid nitrogen to study their structures.
The robot froze, sending an image to its human supervisor.
When they sounded the note again a week later, rats with healthy intercalated cells weren't bothered, whereas the others froze.
After all, clathrates made the pumping attempt fail as the outlet froze.
The quick strobe crisply froze the subject in mid-leap, and the box diffused the flash into an even white glow.
At first, she froze up, worried that she couldn't do it.
My university froze cost of living raises and denied my requests for other raises.
The dense fog not only limited visibility but also froze to the roadways causing a slippery commute.
We all froze and shouted, arms out, balanced on our toes.
In the recession, credit froze all around the developed world, and private debt threatened to bury the financial markets.
The downturn froze out millions of workers, but a college degree has provided great insulation.
Everyone in the parking lot froze, waiting for the sound of more gunfire.
Sheila's face froze, and she covered her ears with her hands.
Thus, the flow of credit and cash froze up domestically and around the world.
Another year, a snowmobile racer was rushed to a hospital when his corneas froze.
When the money markets froze, it faced instant problems, since exacerbated by a loss of confidence among its depositors.
The following day the world's financial markets froze and the credit crisis began.
The military junta froze the proceeds after seizing power that year.
These could be used to repay debt if borrowing markets froze.
They deliberately froze technology development as a management decree for heaven's sake.
We froze our buns off at the edge of the dry lake bed in the cold desert morning waiting for the big event.
It panicked the money markets, froze global credit, and sent stock prices spiraling down.
The two of them froze, separated by no more than a few yards.
Hundreds of gauges and instruments went dark or froze.
He pulled out his tin cup, thrust it under the blood spurting out from the reindeer's wounds and drank it before it froze.
They froze in that stance of rigid fury cats have perfected, and began yowling in a tone that could only be called hateful.
Suddenly the image froze and then, only two seconds before the spacecraft's closest approach to the comet, the screens went blank.
And before they lowered the limit they froze my account which caused certain automatic billing transactions to not go through.
They aimed to get back and take the hog down to cellar before it froze.
We would use my metal helmet, and it froze instantly.
Both of these extreme conditions occurred when water on the roadways froze into a layer of ice.

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