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Here's the lovely moment, with frown in the lower left.
They frown against discipline, they don't say it to me directly, but they make comments about her being tortured again.
The receptionists tend to frown on noise and loitering, though, so carefully make your way to the maternity waiting room.
The treatment decreases the ability to frown or squint and may cause the corners of the mouth to turn down.
In the feudal culture of the party, a mere smile or frown from her matters.
So the next time you find yourself sympathizing with someone who looks sad, thank the part of your brain that feels you frown.
The wide-angle lenses would record every twitch, every blink, every frown.
Some companies frown upon their top executives getting too entrenched in politics.
Some of my peers may frown on this, but my research and teaching haven't suffered.
He is said to frown on torture as a method of interrogation.
Happy music made happy faces seem even happier while sad music exaggerated the melancholy of a frown.
Other countries frown on open displays of affection, or propping your feet up on furniture.
Freelancers do this all the time, and it's about time that academia not frown on this practice.
The fashion in corporate-governance circles is to frown on such reciprocal relationships.
Some are sure to cause frequent fliers to smile, while others may elicit a frown.
Over time, mostly by word of mouth, it became popular as a treatment for frown lines and wrinkles.
Moreover, the modern trend is to frown on letting villainy go unpunished.
On one hand, believers in the standards movement frown on social promotion and emphasize measurable performance in high school.
But whether they ought to greeted with a smile or frown depends on the nature of decline.
But they frown on smoking and alcoholic beverages as they do on military service.
More often, despite episodic spasms of rage, the broader culture has worn a smile rather than a frown.
Economists generally frown on taxing financial transactions because that gums up markets.
Banking regulators frown on this behaviour, as it is often used to disguise bad loans.
Maybe they are trying to cheer up the markets by painting on a frown.
Listeners living in small apartments where space is limited might frown on this development.
He does not frown upon us, for he knows that silence will return to his kingdom.
She shaded in the last tooth and leaned back to frown at her work.
They encourage, rather than frown on, active note-taking.
Let's hear it for wrinkles--for those fabulous frown lines and high-kicking crow's-feet.
While some simply frown upon consumption of the sweet stuff, the more ambitious want it outlawed entirely.

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