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Example sentences for frosty

So far, he hasn't unearthed any dinosaurs that appear to have lived only in frosty climes.
Don't dare leave without trying one of these frosty, sweet, and slightly earthy gifts from the desert.
The frosty planet apparently falls within the habitable zone, and may support liquid water.
The two countries have been improving ties despite decades of frosty relations and rivalry.
At nightfall it is pitch-dark and frosty inside the house.
The central government has given a frosty response to the idea of privatising rural land.
Furthermore, this year's iron-ore price talks have so far been as frosty as last year's, which never reached an agreement.
Frosty weather or bright sunshine are not much fun, either.
His smile is frosty, and his eyes never change expression.

Famous quotes containing the word frosty

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