frosting in a sentence

Example sentences for frosting

If icing hardens too much while frosting cake, set back on low heat and stir until it is spreadable.
Could be the fats and eggs in the cake and fats in the frosting.
To make frosting sift cocoa and confectioner's sugar, add margarine and enough milk until a smooth frosting is made.
Too much cloying frosting, not enough delicious tasting cake.
Our whoopie pies layer sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting between two moist red velvet cakes.
The result is strong and juicy and makes frosting superfluous.
Everyone got his collars and cuffs filthy with frosting.
Plates were decked out with squiggles of frosting depicting fish and other creatures.
Then it can be wrapped without damage to the frosting, and returned to the freezer.
Perhaps the ornamental frosting on culture's cake arose through a general human ability to learn new things.
Give some travelers a cupcake with butter cream frosting, and that's all they need to be happy.
Frosting can be distributed by placing a spoonful on each students' sheet of wax paper.
Use marshmallow creme as a replacement for margarine or butter in frosting recipes.
They couldn't decide on the flavor of the frosting, so they have three flavors.
Cool the cupcakes completely, then evenly distribute the frosting over the tops.
Washable nylon pastry bags and metal pastry tips are easy to use to pipe frosting for decorating cut-out cookies.
It adds designs and words made from frosting and edible gels.
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