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Example sentences for frosted

And what you see is kind of a frosted appearance to the varnish.
Wreath cookies are bright and festive, whether bejeweled or simply frosted.
One runs from tree to tree over the frosted ground picking the gnarled, twisted apples and filling his pockets with them.
Some of the cheery yellow flowers were sugar-frosted with sticky cannabis resin.
Directly above me the sky was still blue, but in the distance a fuzzy pale-gray layer of smog already frosted the skyline.
Fill a silver mug with finely shaved ice and stir until the outside of the mug is frosted.
Once everything is frosted and thoroughly chilled, it's time to build.
Frosted mirrors and diamond-shaped banquettes give the store a jewel-box feel.
She wore berry-pink lipstick outlined with a brick-colored lip liner, and her frosted blond hair in a simple chin-length bob.
She sits forward on the plump sofa, with the empty, winter-frosted balcony behind her window.
Snow-frosted trees, subzero temperatures, precious few people and one-story wooden houses.
The cake is frosted with a fresh cream cheese frosting, which complements with a gentle tang.
Wings of other canvasbacks vary from gray-brown to heavily frosted gray.
Scattered clear and frosted, angular quartz granules.
The fur is long and dark to light brown with gray or silver tips that produces a frosted appearance.
Frosted over evergreens viciously shake off the newly fallen snow.

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Your eyes were frosted starlight, Your heart fire and snow. Who was it said, "I love you"? Alice: Mother, l... more
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