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Example sentences for frostbitten

Without modern footwear their feet would have been frostbitten before getting close.
His toes were frostbitten and eventually he lost them.
For her trouble, she got a frostbitten thumb and a terrific photograph.
You're going to have pigs with frostbitten ears and feet climbing over snow- drifts and ice trying to find shelter.
So that's the jaundiced, slightly frostbitten view of the proceedings.
Some people were frostbitten and a little banged up, but they survived.
Weathered faces become fully frostbitten, and various appendages slam against the rock.
In addition my toes were frostbitten, two of them seriously.
In the end, the odd couple approached their destination side by side, banged up and frostbitten but still in one piece.
Though severely frostbitten, they certainly fared better than the five people who had perished in previous attempts.
Fastened to cars and trucks were ribbons and bows and even one pitiful, frostbitten teddy bear.
The emotional terrain is as frostbitten and forbidding as the actual landscape.
Shore stumbled into the team's hotel, bleary-eyed, frostbitten and windburned.
My personal feeling is that once fingertips get frostbitten, they then crack in cold weather as a sensitivity reaction.
When the frostbitten skin is in warm air, it will become red and painful.
If a body part has been frostbitten once, it is more susceptible to frostbite again, even in milder conditions.
Numbness can occur so quickly that the individual is unaware of being frostbitten and may remain outside in the cold.
Never use a heating pad or other source of heat to warm frostbitten body parts as these areas are numb and can be easily burned.
In severe cases, amputation of the frostbitten area may be required.
In case of frostbite, place the frostbitten part in warm water.
Frostbitten parts should be covered with dry, sterile gauze or soft, clean cloth bandages.
When skin is already frostbitten, it is often white, ashy or yellowish and feels numb and waxy.

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yes, set fire to frostbitten crops, drag out forgotten fruit to dance the flame-tango, the smoke-gavotte, t... more
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