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Subsidence has forced relocations of villages and roads-then re-relocations, as fire fronts advance.
The row of white, sparkling shop-fronts is gashed and bleeding, it bleeds red slippers.
Next door are two other tenements, likewise with brown-stone fronts, fair to look at.
It is built on the face of a cliff which fronts the river, and many of the houses are excavated even in the sandstone.
People seem to discriminate on many fronts without much effort to even hide it these days.
Discarded electronics present a challenge on two fronts.
Weather moves on a grand scale, in fronts and storms that can span half a continent.
Shop fronts display pottery, jade carvings, and other chinoiserie.
Confronting the enormous problem will require solutions on many fronts.
Climate change is a multi-faceted problem and needs to be tackled on many fronts.
Controversy has bubbled up this month on a number of fronts.
Compensation for claims probably needs overhauling on all fronts.
On many fronts, traditional periodicals and books are making way for blogs and other electronic formats.
It's the culture of sidebars, poems suitable for the fronts of tote bags.
Fronts and eddys can be, under the right oceanographic conditions, a strategic place to hide a hunted submarine.
The month was marked by an active weather pattern that reinforced unseasonably cold air behind a series of cold fronts.
The government has moved aggressively, and on several fronts, to stanch the immediate damage.
The work ahead-on each of these fronts-is both clear and pressing.
He often follows storm fronts, shooting right after a downpour when particulates have been washed out of the air.
On dozens of fronts ranging from bandwidth to set-top boxes to handheld devices to embedded systems, innovation is accelerating.
And some charities have been misused in the past as fronts for illegally laundered money.
The one-story red-brick clubhouse fronts onto a well-tended, mostly flat course carved out of the woods.
Yet domesticated bees are struggling on multiple fronts, and their populations have plummeted.
Details on these and other fronts in the posts collected here.
And it's now ready to pivot, and start selling customers to merchants on many other fronts.
Meanwhile, the fall in wages can worsen the economy's problems on other fronts.
Stationary fronts can bring several days of cloudy, wet weather.
But protecting the fronts of rear riders has posed a bigger challenge.
The snub was the latest setback in a relationship undergoing strains on several fronts.
The ground troops have reportedly followed up by taking several strategic heights and are now pressing on three fronts.
Hence, there will be common fronts to problems facing the country.
But taking on both the bureaucracy and the media at the same time could expose the new government to a war on two fronts.
And on all fronts, a lot more has been going right than wrong.
Without cross-border progress on all these fronts, the deranged or vengeful will continue to enjoy virtual impunity.
Achieving large savings will require action on many fronts.
The background to all this is one of wrenching change and uncertainty, on several fronts.
And on several fronts, unions are joining hands across national boundaries.
Websites are the shop fronts of the new millennium, and of course you don't put damaged goods in the window.
It is too early to tell whether he will win through on all fronts.
If fronts do not become well synchronized with the tidal flow, southward frontal motion will be diminished or even inhibited.
While the fronts brought cooler air, they did not provide much rain.

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