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We've got enough aliens and unexplored frontier right here on two-thirds of our pale blue dot.
Space is often referred to as the final frontier because it is the last boundary left for humans to discover.
Frontier markets still represent a small part of the total world equity universe.
The final frontier is littered with dead spacecraft and shrapnel.
We brought back wolves partly out of nostalgia for the wildness of a long gone frontier.
Celebrating the architecture of a changing frontier town.
The next frontier will be in less accessible places, such as remote villages, hills and valleys.
On the frontier of a frozen ocean, rising temperatures imperil wildlife whose survival depends on ice.
The next frontier is a little less common: green walls.
The human brain appears to be the last frontier of human evolution.
On the frontier of planetary exploration, nothing is easy.
The mind was in a sense the last frontier of philosophy.
But hitherto there has been little evidence of this-outside immediate frontier areas.
As rising temperatures melt the polar ice cap, five countries race to map their claims to a new energy frontier.
Forget performance-enhancing drugs for soldiers, the next frontier is performance-degrading drugs for our enemies.
These current non-consumers are technology's next frontier.
Musk is one of a growing number of wealthy entrepreneurs reaching for the final frontier.
Things are always uncharted and scary on the frontier.
Ballet brought grace to this western frontier many years ago.
And going round and round in orbit-as the station does-does not explore any frontier.
The two cross-frontier coastal motorways, its boosters argue, are already congested.
But the whalers still lacked any such romantic record as the frontier had.
His book had an abundant popularity, especially along the frontier which it satirized.
He came to our little town as next in command of a company of gendarmes-mounted frontier police.
No real tramp crosses that frontier after nightfall and in the day-time only to beg.
Neither of them was prepared to rest content with a scientific frontier, an imaginary line.
The quality of this journal is a surprising comment on the high character of the interests of the frontier region.
Cancer represents the frontier of dog-detection research.
It is our absolute frontier of our knowledge of physics.
Two live-performance works scout the frontier between the sublime and the ridiculous.
There's been talk about space tourism being the next frontier.
Every other outpost on this frontier had observation posts up in the hills to spot potential trouble.
As the frontier closed odd liaisons formed and strange dislocations occurred.
The brain remains perhaps the last medical frontier.
Now insects may become the next food frontier for space cuisine.
The latest frontier for renewable energy is the ocean floor.
For years it was anyone's guess what would happen if something went wrong on the extreme-oil frontier.
What the qualities of this event were, and what the magnitude of this event was, that is the current research frontier now.
Frontier communities rightly celebrate the birth of children.
Outer space isn't the only frontier for robots, though--there's also inner space.
It was exciting to sit and listen to all the buzz about this new, intermediate frontier.
But reprogramming cells is still a scientific frontier, and researchers have struggled to find safe ways to accomplish the feat.
But to take a more extreme situation, let's look at the final frontier, where there's really no water at all.
But that may be the next big frontier in biometrics.
No need for weapons, space itself is a pretty hostile frontier.
It's great that people are getting interested in frontier science, but it's bad that they're taking misinformation as truth.
About a hundred years ago saddles were elevated from cowhands' working tools to dream objects that signified the frontier.
Chinook-speakers offering guests a lavish meal on windy frontier coasts might be thought of as the bigwigs of local society.

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