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Example sentences for frolic

Yet they have more lilt and frolic in them than if they had been written last year.
Their freshman frolic has given way to daunting challenges.
The restless spirits were left behind to frolic in their haunted oasis.
Rats are finding it to be the perfect spot to frolic.
AS the blue-gray waves roll in, curl and break, thousands of delighted bathers frolic in the frothy white surf.
Perhaps it had something to do with the legions of semi-tame rabbits that frolic all over the campus.
Phoney ducks frolic in pseudo-streams that babble beside imitation cobbled streets.
Leave them to frolic on their own, bang their gongs as loudly as they want.
Researchers watch a rare interspecies frolic among spider and woolly monkeys.
It is a macabre frolic filled with laughter and ingenious devices.
No wild frolic now, full of free fun and motion, up and down for an hour.
He plays hooky from school, preferring to fish and frolic with his dog.
These meals are perfection made simple so you'll have plenty of time to frolic and play your summer days away.
The resorts boast natural playgrounds where families can frolic along the beach or explore nature parks.
Visitors can frolic in the snow and bring snowballs back down the mountain.
The hotel grounds have a spacious garden with a gazebo where the animals can frolic outdoors.
Some operators also provide swimming excursions, where guests can frolic alongside their new animal friends in deeper water.
Heated indoor pools are available for swimming or you may frolic in the emerald seawater on beaches.
After the groundbreaking ceremony, owners let their dogs frolic on the hillock.
In the off-season parking is plentiful, joggers lope along the macadam lot, and dogs frolic on the beach.
Harbor seals frolic in the waves or bask on the rocks nearby.
These popular facilities provide a place for dogs to frolic without a leash.
He was not engaged in some frolic and detour, heading somewhere for his own purposes and no other.

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