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The variety is entertaining and always adds a degree of frisson.
There is a difference in that frisson one gets in being a little bad and being amoral.
The multicultural frisson is no more than a happy by-product.
My call was a freebie, and so was missing this essential frisson.
Add an uneven performance from the kitchen and the food doesn't live up to the frisson.
If anything there is an added frisson from the threat hanging over such crimes.
Montenegrins know full well they have sent a frisson down many spines with their latest declaration.
But that proposal doesn't inspire quite the left-right frisson that minimum wage arguments do.
The invigorating auction enjoyed the extra frisson of preemptions.
There's a new shift in the politics of food, not quite a movement yet, more of an eco-culinary frisson.
So bad that he suggests the reader stick a hand on a hot stove to get a frisson of what he endured.
The romantic frisson did not last long, and each went on to have long-term relationships with other people.
So the discovery of methane anywhere in the solar system causes a frisson of excitement among astronomers.
However, if you set them a verbal challenge, a frisson sweeps through them.
They seem rather to have stimulated them, providing a frisson of the forbidden.
Almost every other designer's stock-in-trade is that special frisson of the new.
Counter-adjustments have been made to retain the frisson of exclusivity.

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Pregnant women! They had that weird frisson, an aura of magic that combined awkwardly with an earthy sense ... more
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