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Few things are more frightening than knowing you live too far away from the nearest doctor.
There is no doubt that this is a frightening moment.
Menacing body posture can be as threatening as a frightening facial expression, according to new research.
Lightning is beautiful, sometimes frightening and often destructive.
Research released this summer helped to explain why particularly frightening experiences create such strong memories.
Mainly back to my childhood and it's one frightening little trip.
What is particularly frightening is when national policy is set based on these fantasy situations, rather than on the reality.
Law school seems less frightening now that the grades are getting higher.
No matter how frightening your fellow travellers, finding the right course is easy-so easy that even a politician could do it.
There is nothing quite so frightening as the idea of a sea monster.
But the phrase hair of the dog was originally related to a far more frightening scenario.
Insects, spiders and other tiny monsters that scurry across floors or fly through the air are frightening enough.
Without language, the color came to symbolize all that was frightening.
For me, the experience was a bit frightening and extremely frustrating.
The frightening power of presidents, and their frightening powerlessness, have seldom been laid out more clearly.
But shark populations are being decimated at a frightening pace, killed in large part simply for their fins.
It's great to know that there are some signs of a true cure for this frightening disease.
The possibilities are as frightening as they are endless.
Sometimes villains genuinely do not know that their behavior is illegal as well as immoral and frightening to the horses.
Up close, it is bewildering and a little bit frightening.
What's frightening about the mummy at this stage, what's scary is that they don't stop.
Confronting a new diagnosis can be frightening and, because research changes so often, confusing.
It might also be frightening for you as it will undermine your acerbic castigations of the right.
If you were an insect larva, this view would be extremely frightening.
No wonder individuals with autism find direct social interaction frightening.
Urban attrition is frightening those left behind, bringing the threat of blight and crime.
If you are well prepared, frightening moments are rare.
And the speed at which the need for power accelerates is frightening.
Basically if you want to make a frightening scene you take whatever characteristics of that scene are salient and turn them align.
Which isn't to say it isn't interesting and frightening.
But these global voices are being silenced at a frightening rate.
You'll notice a few changes, including a rather batty new banner, as well as posts with a frightening twist.
The answer is obvious, but its implications are frightening.
Loud noises from fireworks can be frightening to anyone, but especially our pets with a heightened senses of hearing.
And so the outlook for the next two years is a little frightening.
It didn't have any crude language or anything frightening in it.
During a frightening event the amygdala kicks in, and it lays down an extra set of memories.
Frightening though they may be, teratomas are usually benign, meaning they don't spread.
Quick as a blink, coral reef fish can become frightening or beguiling.
The thought of any government having that kind of information about our kids is frightening.
Whats really frightening though is the folks that want to turn this country into a dictatorship.
It is frightening to me that the people running this government have this mindset.
Yes, humans are consuming resources at a frightening rate but vast resources remain.
Also frightening was the suggestion that a career in law or finance should be more financially rewarding.
Devolution, not famine, is the really frightening permanent consequence of human overpopulation.
It's too frightening to think about how the universe could be expanding without having come from a big bang.
The combination is frightening to some people, and it can definitely get your heart racing a little.
The noise of the explosion was terrific, and was heard for blocks around, frightening the people.
The carpeting in cheap, and not so cheap, hotels can be pretty frightening.
Houstonians went through a frightening night, with winds howling, trees falling and windows breaking.
The last five years have seen a spate of such frightening reports, for the incidence of polio has risen sharply.
It's frightening to be downwardly mobile, and to keep slipping down.
These frightening statistics reflect what can go wrong in the veterans' health system.
He began to grow at a frightening pace, shooting up several feet in the next few years.
Moreover, they have grown accustomed to having nuclear reactors nearby and do not find the idea particularly frightening.
It's frightening because each year that percentage increases.
Frightening honest people away from making a legitimate claim is not a reasonable thing for a local authority to do.
The prospect of other life from other worlds is both frightening and exhilarating.
The result was a gritty and truly frightening film that left its stamp on the genre.
Also, the thought of there being an opium pipe in the boardroom, is a frightening thought.
It gets into detail even the the reenactments can be frightening.
Another frightening attribute is their ability to solve problems and evolve.
People often speculate about robot intelligence as a frightening thing.
And then the frightening thought occurred to me that it might have been written in earnest.
Though infected bats belonged to other species, the discovery was frightening.
When your dog is about to undergo a new experience that could be frightening for him, it's important to condition him in advance.
His dog aggression and people aggression is frightening.
It is rather frightening and it doesn't happen on any regular basis.
Nuclear is a frightening dangerous and expensive to human life source of energy.
Now, federal lawyers are frightening several shops with legal action if they don't shut down.
Business news has never been so exciting, frightening and fast-paced.
Occasionally, indeed, puss is already frightening a rabbit or pouncing on a dove.
The frightening-looking mushroom cloud emanating from the cooling tower appeared more hazardous than it actually was.
It's a show that is both fun and funny, and a little frightening, too.
His goddesses were complicated: at once frightening and hilarious, ancient and contemporary.
Unnatural energy is frightening, intimidating or overly exciting to them.
Afternoons alone in the house were often frightening.
Questions tumbled through my mind at a frightening pace.
With the affidavit were enclosed various frightening financial forms and a request for a copy of their marriage license.
It was an opportunity that seemed both amazing and, to be honest, a bit frightening.
And yet there was an uncommon, almost frightening honesty in the relationship.
The building's contorted shape was simultaneously thrilling and frightening.
If you're an emerging artist, it must be frightening at the moment.
The pill they took launched a daylong psychedelic journey, sometimes fantastic, sometimes frightening.
We also need to have the right scientists inside the fences to advance this crucial, and frightening, research.
As far as this case, the intimidation factor from the father sounds quite frightening.
Gun violence is dramatic, frightening, and often senseless.
The balloon escaped its tether and the pig floated away, eventually landing in a distant pasture and badly frightening some cows.
Announced by a frightening roar of laughter, the previous owner of the kiln returned after many years' absence.
So it's interesting--and frightening--to observe the similarities between that crisis and this one.
Which is at once a frightening and wonderful state of affairs.
But then, with frightening inevitability she finds the track of her innermost preoccupations.
The initial results from that experiment are frightening in part because bad news for top predators is great news for their prey.
Obesity and malnutrition are really frightening trends.
Despite their frightening situation, they marveled at the beauty of the sea around them.
Now, because these websites are frightening people about vaccination, we're seeing a resurgence of those diseases.
His admission that he didn't know much about economics managed to be both endearing and somewhat frightening.
The world is a frightening enough place without folks who deceptively propagate false horror stories for their own aggrandizement.
But listen to me: it may be less frightening than what you imagine.
It's an amazing thing, and quite a frightening thing, that a culture could be capable of amnesia in such a drastic form.
But the frightening reality that it could all disappear so quickly was a lot for a nine-year-old to absorb.
Last week, several outlets reported a piece of news that was frightening to supporters of electric vehicles.
It's quite frightening what some people will share without second though about themselves and/or others online.
The film is engrossing, frightening and intelligent, with sensational special effects.
But, as it turns out, the big picture is not that frightening.
But that is no excuse for frightening everybody, nor for making an already murky subject much murkier.
Anyway, collapse might bring chaos, all the more frightening with a few loose nukes.
We are all going to die and though the unknown frightening, tis a part of life.
It is frightening for us reality-based folk to behold.
The implications of such a wide divergence of opinion are frightening.
Even enjoyable, notwithstanding the frightening prospects in store for the planet, even in some of the better scenarios.
There are two plausible answers, both of them frightening.
Housekeeping was a frightening book, and its beauty only made it more so.
The whole session lasted ten minutes and was not frightening.
The current administrators face no threat more frightening than meetings and memoranda.
Our dollar is weak, our deficit frightening, our trade balance alarming.
But both are alike as safety valves for venting pent-up emotions enflamed by societies in frightening flux.
Most frightening of all is that terror lives deep inside you, where no one else can help you get rid of it.
Doctors don't want people to regain awareness during surgery because the experiences may be frightening and even traumatic.
But by definition, revisiting the experience can be frightening, and people often become locked in the grip of intense anxiety.
The idea of being able to track things and people should be frightening to everyone.
They are hilarious, they are frightening, they are part of us.
The live music in the evening is groovy without being frightening.
It's one of those clich├ęs that people repeat because it makes growing old seem less frightening.
He spiraled down into a long and frightening bout with what is commonly known as depression.
Bob hated the rushes, thought they were flat, more pedestrian than frightening.
Dominique screams that line when evil spirits start to take over her home and cause frightening things to happen.
The crumbling of the financial markets is truly frightening.
These absurd fictions used to be the stock-in-trade of ninth-graders bent on frightening the younger kids.
What had at first seemed to be the flu soon took a frightening turn.
Movie theaters can be frightening--even painful--places for children with autism and sensory disorders.
Next comes the step that is at once exciting and frightening: choosing the upgrades.
Learning that you have a disease that affects your breathing has to be a frightening revelation.
But climate change has occurred with frightening rapidity in the past and will almost certainly do so again.
For centuries, livestock producers have used frightening devices to ward off potential predators.
Unless you are prepared, emancipating can be frightening.
Control methods include modifying the habitat, putting up barriers, and frightening.

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