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Example sentences for frieze

The view is stunning, and an equally stunning stone frieze depicts the long trek in moving, heroic form.
Look for the delightful tiled frieze of cherubs behind the counter.
East, south, and west walls are also decorated with indentations at the frieze line.
The north and south buildings were square with square lattice vents between a wood frieze and the roof.
The northwest room has a similar mantel except that the frieze is carved with pinwheel and star motifs.
The top of the west facade is capped by an entablature, excluding frieze relief decoration.
The decorative features include dormers, chimneys with clay pots and a cast iron frieze below the roof soffit.
Restore original finials, repair decorative exterior frieze work, and repair masonry.
The figures are arranged with a carefully measured rhythm along a narrow stage, as in a frieze or vase painting.
Sheltering the two entrances are turned-post porches accented with delicate spindled brackets and a spindled frieze.
Pairs of scrolled brackets adorn dentiled frieze boards at regular intervals below the wide boxed eaves.
The frieze at the pediment's base features alternating metopes and triglyphs.

Famous quotes containing the word frieze

And songs climb out of the flames of the near campfires, Pale, pastel things exquisite in their frailness With a note or... more
And the serial continues: Pain, expiation, delight, more pain, A frieze that lengthens continually, in the ... more
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