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But my feelings afterward were akin to the uneasy feelings that follow a burger and fries.
Today the menu is bratwurst, cheese fries, and twice-baked potatoes.
Crunchy on the outside, creamy and nutty inside, these fries are totally over the top.
Move over, fries--these doubly crunchy veggies are the perfect complement to a crisp beer.
The shellfish cook quickly in a curry-wine broth and join crisp fries made lighter by being cooked in the oven.
Dip your feet in the water while you snack on movie candy, sweet-potato fries, or wine and cheese plates.
The steak restaurant features the plate as a lunch entree with the ribs, salad and fries.
The restaurant also serves shakes, paninis and sweet potato fries.
Side orders such as waffle and sweet potato fries complement the burgers.
When you go to a fast-food restaurant, you expect to get your fries quickly.
It smelled too strong of the vinegar doused generously on the ever-popular boardwalk fries.
The menu is simple and vegetarian: falafel, fries, and soft drinks.
Ordered some corn dogs with regular and sweet potato fries.
The species is frequently used in stir-fries and is often added to soups.
But at the same time the company cannot afford to drive away its many fans of burgers and fries.
But customers cannot be forced to order salads instead of fries.
The chef shows us the delicately-scented sesame oil in which he fries the battered seafood and vegetables.
Usually, when pumps fail, power spikes or overloading fries the insulation coating the copper coils inside the motor.
It is much easier to follow a plan that says no potato chips, fries, or ice cream for six weeks.
In reaction to lawsuits and health concerns, the company is already phasing out super size fries and drinks.
Digital action, sound and computer-animated graphics have become as much a cinema staple as the dancing soft drink and fries.
Littleneck clams come hidden under a thatched roof of shoestring fries-parsnip, not potato.
The heart leaps at the sight of a waitress, tongs in hand, offering an extra helping of fries.
M pit stop at a greasy spoon and boasted of their various liaisons over cheese fries.
Maybe the birds preferred the smell of linguine and clam sauce to that of cheese fries.
He'll enjoy a burger and fries for lunch, then have a small, healthy dinner.
Fresh produce and olive oil can't compete with hamburgers and fries.
Unfortunately the only two restaurants in town specialized in cheese fries and pizza.
Or dipping excellently crispy crinkle-cut fries into ketchup.
Johnny's offers good fries, too, and a rather unusual selection of beverages to wash it all down.
Gone are the days of rubbery chicken nuggets and fries.
Frozen pizza, fries and chocolate milk have become school-lunch staples because it's tough to do better.
We studied hundreds of burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries and at several locations in each city.

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