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Friendly enough to not to close the door, non-attached enough to allow the financial markets room to thrive.
Customers come in to a friendly welcome, chat while he counts the cash and leave with a cheerful ade.
Easy tips for how to use more environmentally friendly fertilizers, harvest rainwater, and keep up with your composting.
The result is that more coffee farms will be needed and there is a better, more environmentally friendly way to farm.
Make your garden a more environmentally friendly space.
Both are friendly and outgoing, according to the notes clipped to their pictures.
Attempting to make greenhouses more environmentally friendly by cutting down on their energy use.
Your can get an environmentally friendly car and an environmentally friendly washing machine.
While their responses have been overwhelmingly friendly and encouraging, they have also done nothing to allay my anxieties.
But you walk on, till you see a group of friendly faces.
It is easy to imagine her in that distant encounter-the same direct gaze, the same friendly face and flyaway hair.
His writing was clear, his tone respectful and friendly.
Investors are still keen to buy stocks and funds that are ecologically friendly.
First the researchers need to find the genes responsible for creating friendly and aggressive behaviors.
The findings may hold the key to developing new, environmentally friendly insect repellents.
Others are being farmed in ways that are not environmentally friendly.
The area is so serene, and the people are so warm and friendly.
We live in a friendly neighborhood and know the parents of our kids' friends.
If you had a friendly break up and can see each other without trauma, then go for it.
Volcanoes are not a friendly environment to work in or around.
If she's the latter, she may be building a romantic or overly friendly image of the professor in her mind.
The increasingly crowded field includes many friendly rivals.
They are unremittingly friendly but without regard for one's privacy.
Get to the core of geography at this friendly and frequently-updated site.
Look for other, more environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity.
If it helps, pretend you are trying to explain this to your local friendly business owner.
They should to transition their operations into the newer methods of producing energy with safe, environmentally friendly methods.
Scientists are currently pursuing a variety of such devices to generate electricity in an environmentally friendly manner.
But all of them have to be calm and friendly despite others' ignorance, rudeness, or sloppiness.
There seems to be a general commercial lobby which sets out to make anything environmentally friendly uneconomic.
Now focus on another important part of eco-friendly living: reduce your use of plastic.
Click on the image above for a printer-friendly stencil to attach to your pumpkin.
The proprietor at mine was a friendly fellow who seemed to perceive my dejection.
But whatever you do during this family-friendly activity be sure to soak up the history.
Come for a family-friendly day with hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Using an older car which is well maintained and energy efficient is more eco-friendly than new cars.
They judged cars that had prominent windshields and rounder headlights to be more submissive, childlike and friendly.
To that end, the city is promoting ecologically friendly tourism.
When it was shut down as a manufacturing plant, it was then reengineered to create local manufacturing of eco-friendly goods.
The citizens were all friendly to him and his cause, and could and did furnish him with accurate reports of our every move.
There is no friendly author between us and what is seen.
Use some headings in the statement to make it reader-friendly.
The people on the train, with the exception of the hot-dog guy, were friendly and open.
Such a situation is not customer-friendly, and something needs to be done soon to correct this situation.
Keep your email and phone exchanges friendly, but brief.
The professors and students in attendance were all extremely friendly and everyone joined in on the discussion.
The new hub will bring together the bar, the lounge and the restaurant in one large friendly area.
Once again he eschews chalkboard economics in favour of a reader-friendly guide to the economics of everyday life.
Eco-friendly building incorporates a wide variety of concepts and strategies during the design and construction process.
Light-emitting diodes are an eco-friendly lighting choice.
If you're concerned about how your actions affect the environment, eco-friendly clothing is an attractive option.
Choose eco-friendly decor for a healthy night's sleep.
With a little effort, you can find almost any conventional gift in an eco-friendly option.
Proponents of the tidal turbine technology say it is a welcome, environmentally friendly alternative-energy option.
Friendly fire incidents can become a problem in conditions of limited visibility.
The administration has traditionally been friendly to industry needs.
The company has announced two new eco-friendly phones that are light on features but promise environmentally-friendly credentials.
Eco-friendly phones are all the rage among handset makers now.
The governor is a well-known fitness buff with movie star looks and a friendly twang.
Safer and more eco-friendly than nuclear plants and offshore drilling, wind turbines might seem to be an easy political sell.
The company's goal is to get consumers to embrace bugs as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional meat.
From slimy to friendly, these invaders live in symbiosis with plants-and us.
He found that friendly bacteria thrive in the appendix, suggesting that the organ is a haven for beneficial microbes.
But there are less friendly residents on the island.
Tools of the future need to be hand-friendly and take advantage of the wonderful functions hands can perform.
He looked much better and tossed a friendly smile my way.
The design of buildings and cities to make walking and bicycling more friendly has to be better supported.
The nerd index was extremely high but it was family-friendly and you somehow felt certain that he loved the topic.
When his car breaks down in the slum he finds the people friendly.
The saleswomen are friendly but display no personal interest in the customers.
You're better off in the dining room, where a friendly hostess doesn't flinch at seating an incomplete party.
He has a skeptically friendly, mildly ironic conversational manner and a droll, filigreed prose style.
Something we're really interested in, too, is environmentally friendly approaches.
And they offer developer kits, so independent software engineers can contribute to building more user-friendly browsers.
Cutting insults are his peculiar way of being friendly.
There are those of us who have become close and friendly after so much time together.
There is nothing particularly wholesome or friendly about it.
Sadly, she had only four vampire-friendly hours to spend with yours truly.
The couple seemed relaxed and friendly, taking time to greet and chat.
She was friendly, teasing, and accessible in a way that members of the royal family rarely are.
The serpent touched the friendly tusks of the elephant.
He wants his subjects to seem carefree and friendly, and perhaps they are.
Despite our open policy, the population in surrounding communities was not overly friendly.
Modern life would be inconceivable without the friendly side of energy.
Pictorial laminates are not friendly, they do not want to stick together.
At the same time, few employers are willing to create schedules friendly to working mothers.
For biotechnology to become domesticated, the next step is to become user-friendly.
In all regions, commentators friendly to corporate power walloped her for harboring sympathetic views on labor unions.
But the two officers were perfectly calm, even friendly, as they relayed the salient facts.
Naturally you have no time to listen to how she says it, to strike up a conversation, or be friendly.
As a tourist town it has no choice but to be friendly to visitors.
To be sure, the old universal welfare systems were not market-friendly.
The kind of friendly, reliable place that leaves no special memory.

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