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Without a friend to counsel him, the temptation proved irresistible.
Once, if you wanted to borrow money, you had either to visit a bank or to tap a rich friend or relative.
There is a risk that in their discomfort governments turn to an old, but false, friend: protectionism.
Submersible craft in the early years of their development were perilous to friend and foe alike.
It was a close friend, saying he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.
So an economic downturn is no friend of the environment.
We can easily find a friend's face among dozens or hundreds of unfamiliar faces in a busy street.
Sit chatting with a friend, and the hours can zip by.
Anecdotally, my friend's retired racing greyhound could always find his favorite ball fairly quickly even when he couldn't see it.
After the meeting the chairman goes to the pub with his friend.
He was dismissed from the proceedings following the friend request, as well as for posting case information on his profile.
Chances are you have a friend with a house in one of these roaming areas.
Nothing beats having a friend over, blasting away co-op style.
He might allow a picture to leave his studio if a friend bought it, since he was.
Goldberg added that he became interested in land snails after years as a seashell collector when a friend dared.
Since they had no camping gear, they went to a friend's apartment for the night.
The friend of a friend who decided to switch tables for the day.
From playing with a friend's air gun, he knew how to shoot it.
The site was suggesting that she get back in touch with an old family friend who played piano at her wedding four years ago.
So seldom does that friend make his feelings clear by sending out an e-mail alert.
But when my friend's writing was appropriated, he still had the original manuscript.
My friend parked illegally and called me on his cell phone.
Her friend and eventual husband encourages her to write a sensitive memoir instead of trashy fiction.
He's a friend to the little scam, and a scourge of the big one.
The system then notifies the friend that he or she has been tagged.
Genetically modified crops have quickly gone from farmer's best friend to profit killer.
And innovation my friend is what creates jobs which our economy desperately needs.
People sometimes tell him they know him from somewhere or they're a friend of his dad.
The writer gradually began to understand what his friend meant.
Later a friend told me that she had always thought of the tale as a warning against a greed for sweets.
One night she even watched as her best friend was brutally murdered.
Then, educate yourself about treatment and support options and get the kind of help you or your friend needs.
My nephew said there wasn't, and his friend said there was.
Use it to make a picnic lunch for your sweetie, or take the kids and their friend to a movie.

Famous quotes containing the word friend

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