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The wax lessens the friction, or rubbing, between ski and snow.
Dry-stacked stone walls are held together by friction and gravity rather than mortar.
Their functions probably are to modify pressure, to diminish friction, and occasionally to alter the direction of a muscle pull.
To reduce friction is the chief use of friendship, and in politics the loss by friction is outrageous.
Then the high priest made the new fire by the friction of two pieces of wood, and placed it on the altar under the green arbour.
Even if you get the job, there may be a lot of friction or pain along the way.
In an ideal case, these interests coincide, and the promotion goes through without the slightest friction.
The friction comes in the form of these two noble goals, which one is more important is largely a value question.
It puts a slippy silicone layer right at that spot so that the friction is reduced.
Truly soft shells run the risk of causing friction, which is bad for the neck.
For him and for his avid audience, his plays work as a kind of non-friction.
Friction between the spacecraft and the air produces a lot of heat.
But as the waves enter shallow waters, friction with the ocean floor lowers the waves' speed but raises their height.
It's narrower than your feet at the bottom of the slot, so you have to climb up higher and wedge yourself in place by friction.
The speed creates friction that heats up atmospheric gases and causes them to glow in much the same manner as neon signs.
Removable fleece liner h as friction tabs to keep it from slipping or bunching.
The friction between the spacecraft and the air produces life-threatening heat.
Inside, the cool stone floors were slick from the friction of centuries of barefoot worshipers.
Her unladylike demeanor and unorthodox methods led to friction with some of her colleagues and university administrators.
Each pushes forward in the grip of her primordial needs, until sheer muscle overcomes friction and they grind past each other.
He learned how to model gravity, friction and viscosity.
Groups of two have been found to develop extreme friction.
So you felt some friction from some of your literary friends.
Polyethylene has low friction, good fracture toughness, and fatigue resistance.
Most of the house is tiled, to bear the weight and friction of heavy electric wheelchairs.
Given more time and the absence of undue friction, the dialogue could bear rich fruit.
Some writers pitch a tent on the green and stay for a week and brood about friction and energy and the gender of their putter.
These so-called telluric currents are thought to be generated by friction and piezoelectric effects within rock.
Less power is dissipated in friction with the channel, and the power that isn't dissipated in friction goes to drive the turbines.
They are now testing the low-friction air bearings that will permit the turbine wheel to spin at full speed.
Friction, in the form of some fierce shoving, ensues.
Friction, fear, and outright hatred spring up often between these two traditions-yet they have revealing points of connection.
Friction is actually uber-complicated, but a simple model works for many cases.
Ice needs to be low friction in the direction the skate moves and high friction perpendicular to the blade.
To explain this, you need to understand friction and equilibrium.
Electronic networks were enabling the friction-free movement of capital and ideas.
Engineers focused on increasing thermal efficiency and reducing friction, especially when the engine is warming up.
The ship also features a low-friction coating on its hull that improves the fuel mileage it can achieve on the sea.
Winds higher up are generally faster than at the ground because friction with the ground is not slowing them.
Friction with the ocean and the ground slows the winds at ground level.
The friction of the joint surfaces increases by overexertion and the shock absorbing function diminishes.
Without a smooth surface to glide over, the jet encounters friction and slows down.
Friction with the ground causes wind speeds to decrease as you go down in a storm.
Friction will help slow the shuttle down for landing.
Once the earthquake comes up against too much friction, it will stop.
New computer modeling suggests that the tire rubber forms a seal with the liquid on the road, resulting in a loss of friction.
The magnetic field also causes turbulence and friction to build up within the disk.
If there were no friction, there would be no energy loss so our traveler could oscillate into and out of the tunnel.
The energy released by the sliding fault needs to be substantial enough to break the friction holding rocks in place.
The aim of the exercise is to solve a decades-old mystery about the part that friction plays in such an event.
The radical thing was that the spinning part floated on magnets in a ring on the base so that there was no friction.
Friction between these two surfaces makes them stick and slip many times each second.
But the surface friction velocity is also an inverse function of the surface roughness.
Initially physicists attributed the flashes to friction.
The friction between rising vapor and falling droplets allows clouds to float.
So for libertarians additional regulations are always a source of friction and an infringement on liberty.
As he watched bits of paper dancing with the effect of friction, he almost discovered electricity.
Friction-free and fast, they would combine the speed of aircraft with the convenience of traditional trains.
Some momentum is subsequently lost to friction on the bearings and to air resistance.
No social or economic change this big takes place without friction.
They provide friction, so that the vehicle can grip the road, but some of the power supplied to the tyres is then lost as heat.
Indeed, one way to read the timing is that it was intended to minimise friction.
Friction is mounting, and there are numerous reports of sabotage.
Rather, they are episodes of friction in which the resource in question adds to tension but is not the sole source of it.
As the authors point out, water flows more slowly at the edge of ridges than through sloughs, because of friction.
But if the building is well pivoted to reduce friction, that requires surprisingly little power.
The scope for friction within the coalition, a kind of war of attrition, is almost unbounded.
So, too, are the chances of domestic and global political friction.
It's true that many mammals have pads on their hands and feet that add friction to their grip.
The higher the friction, the more control the driver has.
And contrary to popular belief, it's not friction that heats the air, but compression.
Atoms in this state don't collide and therefore don't create any friction.
Friction sucks energy out of orbits, and thus causes them to get smaller.
Likewise, a yo-yo depends on momentum and acceleration, and building blocks on friction and compression.
Although not crucial to cardiac function, the pericardium is thought to provide a low-friction space for beating.
As the continental plates move past each other, friction allows the pressure to build up.
To avoid such friction, sensors in the cars will measure clearance.
The atmosphere is dense, but something must have reached the surface before friction tore it up.
Friction among the gas atoms in the disk is not enough to dissipate the huge amount of energy stored in the disk's rotation.
These waves are restricted by the continents and by friction on the seafloor.
Many times problems that seem intractable are only viewed that way because obvious points of friction are not addressed.
Friction plays an important role in causing nebulae to collapse.
Yet the wheels on an automobile smaller than a grain of rice would generate too little friction to move the car.
There are several categories of friction commonly described in physics texts.
There's no air, so there's no friction from air, no resistance to moving around freely.
The professor was talking about the coefficient of friction.
The following references apply to pavement texture and friction.
Air friction is due to the object moving through the air having to move molecules of air aside.
Brakes and tires depend on friction to work, but more friction isn't always better.
Friction often stems from parents giving their children different information about how they're doing.
The plates suddenly slip and the ground rumbles with the release of friction.
In these talks, however, it appears that the breadth of her proposal is causing friction.
Still, several issues have arisen over the past three years that have caused friction.
Traditionally, the commune's friction with local police has been over drug policy.

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