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Example sentences for fretting

So he tortured himself, fretting himself with such questions, and finding a kind of enjoyment in it.
If not, expect some renewed fretting over their missile capabilities.
But her rants were so persuasive, her fretting so vivid, that it was not so easy to dismiss her.
Fretting about the job market while in graduate school is not only unhealthy but gets in the way of good scholarship.
If your talk is disorganized and you give no context for your research, it won't get better from fretting about it.
Before fretting too much over the relative qualities of the images, it is important to look at some of these.
He spent hours wandering around the base, cleaning and fretting.
Now the director of central intelligence was fretting and asking to see the speech in the middle of the night.
And forget fretting over what to eat in the cafeterias.
Privilege is fretting about dental visits because they're unpleasant, not because you can't pay for the fillings you need.
So welcome to a trimester's worth of pre-gestational fretting.
They go their own way, never fretting if others don't follow.
Fretting about the effects of day care on children has become a national preoccupation.
Almost louder than the buzz of the shows, however, was the industry's fretting over its own future.
Two years ago, windmill-makers were fretting about their inability to meet a surge in global demand.
The government is striving to prevent this but the fretting may be overdone.
Fretting about pounds put on over the long holiday break.
Catalogue retailers, food manufacturers and drinks suppliers are also fretting.
And yet, it seems likely that economic writers will soon be fretting about those bond vigilantes once again.
Increasingly, some investors are fretting about the way in which option schemes are diluting their shareholdings.
Nationwide, there is fretting about weak police tactics, which initially left looters feeling they could rampage with impunity.
Poor countries are not fretting about the boundaries between state and market.
On one hand, cash-strapped consumers fretting about rising petrol prices increasingly want cars with decent fuel economy.
Rather than fretting about inflation, policymakers may soon be worrying about deflation.
They're at the same time fretting about a debt-laden euro-zone, whose members sluggishly recover from a devastating crisis.
Now they are fretting more and more about the risks of burgeoning public debt and rising inflation.
The test ran well, with no apparent fretting under the loading pins.
Fretting corrosion forms relatively deep ruts that can cause bearing failure.
Nervous parents fretting over a week-long winter break with wild children can breathe a sigh of relief.
Fretting doesn't seem to be part of her make-up, in any case.
Meanwhile, some parents are fretting that kids won't have time to prepare for the new format.
Fretting over the still-vacant apartment building next door.

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In youth, we clothe ourselves with rainbows, and go as brave as the zodiac. In age, we put out another sort of perspirat... more
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