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Example sentences for fret

And if you can't make it over the holiday, don't fret.
The last fret-cutter is thinking of becoming a computer operator.
It seems my fate to fret away my years in this country.
They fret, and out of their own weakness are in agony, lest those divisions and subdivisions will undo us.
We fret about airport scanners, power lines, cellphones and even microwaves.
If you can't get a table outdoors on the patio, don't fret.
Although admissions officers have long fretted about enrollment outcomes, they used to fret under fewer microscopes.
Or who fretted-or, still worse, pretended not to fret-about their teaching evaluations.
But don't fret: although money is being destroyed on a regular basis, it's being crated even more quickly.
Its characters are too involved in one form or another of daily survival to fret about metaphysical matters.
Those nervously inclined see plenty of reason to fret.
And there may be particular reasons to fret about credit derivatives.
But several other top sporting-goods brands have a different reason to fret.
But the market is also starting to fret about inflationary pressures.
In smaller markets, where officials fret about business migrating to bigger financial centres, there is more flag-waving.
Investors now fret about the solvency of bigger countries.
Although many countries are experiencing mild deflation, investors fret.
But many economists fret about the efficiency with which the money will be distributed.
Bankers fret still more about the economic downturn.
Maybe it is the fate of junior partners to fret about being jilted.
Some economists are starting to fret about the risk of another recession-the second in three years.
In emerging markets, politicians fear social unrest and technocrats fret about economies overheating.
Critics of change also fret that taking outside capital might make lawyers favour investors over clients.
He accommodated this on his own custom guitar which had five frets per intonation point to our traditional one fret.
And then you fret that you aren't allowed access to some exclusive club.
They still sport their intricate fret- and latticework, shiplap siding and ornamental voodoo patterns.
Environmentalists fret about the petroleum needed to make it.
Policymakers fret that a sharp increase in the yuan's value would undercut the nation's export machine and cost valuable jobs.
When your company tells you to take a week off, unpaid, you can moan and fret.
They fret more about inflation eroding their purchasing power.
The guitar fret board and piano keys aren't anywhere near full-size, but they're serviceable.
They fret that he'll draw media attention away from important findings presented at the conference.
We fret over which areas will get flooded as sea levels rise.
Exporters wouldn't have to fret over the gap between a price on a contract and the value of the payment.

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