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Other experts cite freshwater dangers, since fish weakened by a stressful trip.
The nutrient-rich excess of that process is used for breeding tilapia, a freshwater fish.
Thirteen million maintain freshwater aquariums in which swim a total of more than a hundred and seventy million fish.
Membrane-based desalination is usually considered only when freshwater supplies fail to meet demand.
Freshwater is first funneled into the battery, which houses a positive and negative electrode.
Freshwater fish have also returned, leading to hopes of a resuscitated fishing industry.
Farmers and fishers would be in immediate conflict, especially over freshwater usage.
Trails take you around a freshwater lagoon, a salt marsh and a maritime forest, each full of wildlife and interesting plants.
The freshwater pool is two feet deep and is for younger children and their parents.
Efficient irrigation, for instance, would reduce freshwater withdrawals almost by half.
It could exploit the lake, by volume the second-largest freshwater one in the world.
Experts predict this would in effect destroy the lakes and their surrounding freshwater wetlands.
Concentrated seawater is left at the bottom of the chambers, and freshwater vapour condenses above.
Freshwater fish populations are in precipitous decline.
Increasing rainfall was originally meant to help with farming and freshwater supplies for the garrison.
Rather, he's looking into salt water's osmotic tug on freshwater wherever the two meet, as they do all over the world.
Other boundaries involve freshwater overuse, the global agricultural cycle and ozone loss.
As demand for freshwater soars, planetary supplies are becoming unpredictable.
Freshwater fish especially often live in environments with less than clear water so would need senses other than sight to thrive.
Global freshwater resources are threatened by rising demands from many quarters.
Researchers thought some freshwater species might rely on sound because of poor visibility.
It's important because it supplies freshwater to a billion people in the tropics.
It is unknown exactly how many of the freshwater mussels were affected by the damage to their habitat.
The giant stingray is one of the world's largest freshwater fish, but it's also cloaked in mystery.
They will learn about the different types of freshwater wetlands, and the things that threaten their health.
In a global conservation study, scientists are hunting for the world's largest freshwater fish.
In arid lands, the ability to create freshwater out of thin air would be priceless.
Freshwater animals are vanishing faster than those on land or at sea.
We cannot disconnect global warming from ocean degradation from deforestation from freshwater issues.
Crayfish are the freshwater cousins of marine lobsters.
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