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Supposedly something you should have learned in college freshman year.
Time for you to start your freshman year core science and ethics courses over again, my friend.
He hoped to discover the extent to which freshman year affected students.
During a soccer game her freshman year, an opposing player kicked her square in the back of the head.
Most freshman and sophomore books didn't fit that screen size.
He does such an outstanding job it's easy to forget it's a freshman effort.
It's not often that an incoming college freshman is already starting his own multimillion dollar business.
These people definitely need to review their freshman chemistry.
Incoming freshman representatives may be more sympathetic to scientific issues once they face the task of governing.
Their freshman frolic has given way to daunting challenges.
He did what comes naturally for any freshman confronting the bare-walled anonymity of his new dormitory room.
Freshman congressmen know how to answer this question.
Consider the trend in average freshman scores at selective colleges.
There he went in for running, and made both the freshman and the varsity swimming team.
Often mistaken for a nerve by freshman medical students, the muscle was useful to other primates for grasping with their feet.
Most read him as a freshman and never touch him again.
It's not about the policy positions of a freshman senator and candidate for national office.
One acquired this home in much the same way one acquired a freshman roommate-by sending a picture and filling out a form.
My bad grades were chemistry and coordinate geometry in my freshman and sophomore years.

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