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One that was firmer, stayed fresher longer, and could be harvested more easily.
These interviews provided researchers with fresher, broader sources of information than had been available.
Note the darker and fresher lava flow that was making its way down the flank of the volcano towards the sea.
The melting of sea ice and glaciers on land make surface waters fresher than they are now.
Testers were fooled into thinking their snack was crisper and fresher than it actually was.
And you're constantly replacing the food with fresher versions.
If you notice new facades, solar panels and a fresher look at your local car dealer, there's a reason why.
Our own great novelist's work is fresher, healthier perhaps, more of the open air.
Touched by his lips break forth again to fresher harmony.
The strong plastic fuselage also allows for a nicer cabin with bigger windows and fresher, less depressurised air.
Moreover, this traditional a supply chain provides the consumer with fresher, less-processed and healthier products.
It would also have provided the consumers with better and fresher choices in all product categories.
It's cheaper, fresher and contributes not only to sustainable agriculture but also a sustainable community.
The music was fresher, the sun warmer, and the sky bluer.
For a fresher flavor, add more vegetables or herbs toward the end of cooking.
Food tastes better when it is fresher and in season.
The nuclear reactor in the next state is sending fresher neutrinos your way.
The weather is glorious, yesterday's storm has brought fresher air.
How two communities are working to serve kids fresher, healthier food--and then actually get them to eat it.
Because the fruit cooks more quickly in small amounts, the flavor of the jam stays fresher.
Many citation channel catfish are caught in the tributary creeks in the spring, as fish move into fresher water to spawn.

Famous quotes containing the word fresher

All at once A fresher wind sweeps by, and breaks my dream, And I am in the wilderness alone.... more
If we have largely forgotten the physical discomforts of the itching, oppressive garments of the past ... then we have m... more
Nature was in her beryl apron, Mixing fresher air.... more
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