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Example sentences for freshen

As material tumbled it would freshen up the surface, causing the observed brightening.
Another sister invites them to freshen up in the community shower.
The hotel also features day-let rooms for travelers needing to freshen up during a layover.
For overnight trips, packing a change of clothing makes it possible to freshen up at the end of the journey.
The swimming pool is adjacent to a picnic area and playground, and showers are available nearby to freshen up after your swim.
Maybe smaller doses with breaks in between would freshen things up and not strain credibility so much.
People keep trying to freshen up the corpse, but it's been rotting all along and is starting to stink up the joint.
We're trying to freshen the place up for the new owners.
Strange things happen when aging hits try to freshen the mix.
We can help you rebrand your image or freshen up your current website.
Once her calves are ready to freshen, they are moved to one of the larger cow herds.
High winds and tornadoes are an exaggerated form of the pleasant winds and breezes that freshen our everyday existence.
The house bees are responsible for fanning in order to cool and freshen the hive.
Store liquid fire starter away from your tent and campfire, and use only dry kindling to freshen a campfire.
Three loose leaf mints equal one cup of green tea, while also helping to freshen breath naturally.
Install smoke detectors, freshen batteries and mark your calendar for routine inspections.
The change gives us a chance to freshen our look a little more, continuing our efforts of the past few issues.
Many use baking soda to freshen-up carpets and as air fresheners.
High winds and tornadoes are an extreme form of the beneficial breezes that freshen the air.
Non-contact cooling water is stored in four cooling ponds, where it is supplemented with pumped groundwater to freshen the ponds.
To freshen the disposal in your kitchen sink, drop in a few wedges of lemon and flip the switch.
They would come upstairs to freshen up and check in.
Providing plenty of clean cool drinking water and freshen it frequently.
Bring your conference sling bag, umbrella and freshen-up kit.

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Music is a good thing; and after all that soul-butter and hogwash, I never see it freshen up things so, and... more
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