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Example sentences for fresh water

They need to have fresh water and food available all the time, so check it daily.
But here, in the northern third of the desert, large reserves of fresh water lie under the parched surface.
They had come for its navigational convenience and its fresh water.
The immediate problems were shelter and fresh water.
Use seawater if fresh water supplies are low for all washing and sterilizing.
Despite the oceanic source, the virus grew nicely in fresh water amoebae.
But bull sharks have special physiological adaptations that enable them to live in fresh water.
It is the first time such a phenomenon has been found in fresh water.
So it is with the plants and insects on small and uniform islets: also in small ponds of fresh water.
He never changed the water in which he moistened his palm-tree leaves, but only poured in fresh water upon it as it wasted.
In the course of their voyage homewards the vessel touched at a certain port to take in provisions and fresh water.
Another desirable top global priority would be an inexpensive method to desalinate sea water to fresh water.
The process consumes no fresh water or agricultural land.
Clever anode membranes could repress chlorine production, eliminating the need for fresh water.
How about the fresh water well that are ruined by salt intrusion when the oil is removed.
These are some of the largest bodies of fresh water in the world, and they nearly surround the state.
The design is modular and the basic plant produces a million liters of fresh water per day.
Ice when melted is fresh water, it does not mix with the salty oceans, it stays as a thin layer on top of the salt water.
The comets would have produced seas and oceans of fresh water.
There are fresh water zones that contain hydrocarbons from natural sources.
Such heat, in many places that have a shortage of fresh water, is one thing that is in abundant supply.
Fouling is less of a problem for boats in fresh water, as barnacles are purely marine.
It smells not of fresh water but of hobo urine, slaughterhouses and factories.
The conditions are ripe: the country has plenty of scientists, an entrepreneurial culture and a desperate shortage of fresh water.
Another comes from the lakes of floating fresh water amid the sea ice.
It is the only open body of fresh water on the island-and for a thousand kilometres in any direction.
But such judgments are speculative, and though pollution is a factor, a bigger one is simply how much fresh water is available.
To make things worse, supplies of fresh water that might dilute the sewage are dwindling in many areas.
We need major reforms to have a peaceful and effective resolution to problems centered around depleting fresh water resources.
Two-thirds of the world's fresh water is stored in glaciers.
Renewables will also support a desalination plant that will provide fresh water.
The bay, the ancient site, the coral reef and the fresh water have no single owner to protect them.
Nature provides fresh water, air quality and natural hazard mitigation for both businesses and society.
Separating oil from the sands requires expensive technology and consumes a lot of energy and fresh water.
But an ideal roof would salvage the fresh water runoff into a cistern for plumbing for the building and irrigation needs.
Fresh water also disperses into several types of wetlands, where it is the building block of these wetlands.
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