fresh breeze in a sentence

Example sentences for fresh breeze

These windows can be opened from the inside to allow a fresh breeze in the room.
There was a bit of rain in the afternoon and a fresh breeze with that short-lived shower.
But a fresh breeze of caution is filling sails in the aftermath.
There was a fresh breeze in the air, the ash of burned sugar cane floating in the window.
Cynics may laugh out loud and say there is no utility in a stand of thousand year old trees, a fresh breeze, or a mountain stream.
The sky was dark and cloudy, and a cool, fresh breeze blew.
During the evening nearly all of them appeared on deck to enjoy the fresh breeze, intermitted with slight showers.
We came suddenly upon a strong, fresh breeze charged with life.
To peruse one of his works is to feel a fresh breeze of victorious strength and sympathy.
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