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As fresh food stores leave a neighborhood, residents find it harder to eat well and stay healthy.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are vital to a healthy, nutritious diet.
The living room needs a new coat of paint, perhaps a fresh start for both of you.
Asparagus is a lovely food when it's fresh during the spring and summer.
Probably the best and easiest fresh water, is to move to a rainy climate, and harvest roof runoff.
People, plants, and animals depend on that one percent of fresh water.
Likewise, some seals will eat snow to get fresh water.
Best ever: vanilla on hot fresh homemade rhubarb pie.
There are few swathes of farmland lying fallow and much of the world's available fresh water is already being used.
Most are found in tropical and subtropical ocean waters, but some species live in brackish and even fresh water.
Chlorine evaporates quickly from solution, so you'll have to make up a fresh batch of sterilizing fluid every time you need some.
But as a way to keep your mind fresh while out and about, look no further.
The former pastry chef studying for a fresh start as a clinical therapist.
Fouling is less of a problem for boats in fresh water, as barnacles are purely marine.
Aerial predators that hunt by sight, dragonflies and damselflies generally are found at or near fresh water.
Sit back and enjoy a summer full of fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers without the back-breaking work.
All of us have come to rely on low-paid foreign workers for everything from fresh produce to electronic goods.
But those on a serious mission will keep walking ahead-and the first thing they come to is the fresh fruit and vegetables section.
Fresh craters on the moon appear bright because material is newly exposed.
Most of the fresh water drains back into the oceans unused.
Revenue recognition is getting fresh attention this year.
They could also spend more of their salary budgets on younger faculty, bringing some fresh blood into the community.
It is a live enough tradition that some of the paint looks pretty fresh.
Babylonians believed in a world made from a commingling of fresh and salt water.
Being an intellectual had more to do with fashioning fresh ideas than with finding fresh facts.
The design is modular and the basic plant produces a million liters of fresh water per day.
More than a few of us have surgical screws, pins and staples holding together fresh or old injuries.
It's also allowed large populations to live in regions that wouldn't otherwise meet their demands for fresh water.
IF you routinely make fresh pasta, you can stop reading now.
They start as a breath of fresh air but seldom stay fresh.
Parents and grandparents of the fresh graduates cheer from the crowd.
If you run out of creative, fresh ideas, find out what other people are eating for good health.
Taking off your belt is a liberating move demonstrating a fresh approach to a traditional problem.
The case popped off easily and a few screws later he had the somewhat inelegant interior out in the fresh air.
Sadly, one of our profession's near universal practices is to use fresh graduate students to teach first-year writing courses.
The fresh wine is then transferred to a copper still.
Other culprits: inflows of fresh water, high ultraviolet radiation, and changes in salinity.
Now a series of never-before-seen photographs will give fans a fresh look at the groundbreaking series.
The colonel may have reinforced them with fresh troops from the south.
In an arid region, this animal can survive for up to a month without fresh water.
Even tiny gardens often produce more fresh veggies than can be eaten-or even given away-before they go bad.
Use seawater if fresh water supplies are low for all washing and sterilizing.
Another comes from the lakes of floating fresh water amid the sea ice.
People have long fled to the mountains in search of fresh air and tranquility.
Some food additives that help to keep lobster and other shellfish looking fresh might be changing human hormones.
The crater seems to have thrown a layer of bright, fresh ice onto a darkened region.
Such a simple dish, yet the combination of textures-silky egg with crunchy bread and fresh greens-and flavors was perfect.
Fresh air and street noise will help keep you alert even when the subject matter doesn't.
The disappearance of glaciers may deprive many of fresh water.
After locating a low-risk area, researchers try to select devils fresh from weaning.
The conditions are ripe: the country has plenty of scientists, an entrepreneurial culture and a desperate shortage of fresh water.
The heat might even be reused to also distill fresh water for local seaside communities.
And this month fresh measures were introduced with the widespread roll-out of full-body scanners.
At night you can throw open your windows and let the fresh air stream in.
Serve immediately with chunks of fresh bread or pita bread.
They offered him a treat-insects from a fresh termite mound.
The farmers said that there will be a several more weeks of these fresh and hearty vegetables.
Investigators with fresh new ideas and a strong track record of publication are preferred.
The undergrads bring fresh perspective-they are not entrenched in views from the discipline.
Maggots can be harvested, washed lightly in fresh urine and placed in wounds to clean them to prevent gangrene.
To more than two billion people, fresh, pure water is more valuable than gold.
Years later, with a little more gray hair but no less zest for life, they meet three days a week to get fresh tracks.
Mingle tastes from the forest and the sea by grilling fresh salmon on a cedar plank.
The footprints were made when the cooling ash was still fresh.
Fill the other half of the worm bin with fresh bedding and bury food scraps on that side.
What they didn't eat fresh, they dried and pounded into a powder for later.
As the world's population continues to grow, the amount of fresh water needed to sustain life also rises.
Spring is such an exciting season for all things new and fresh.
Placing a portable fan in the window to draw out old air helps keep air fresh and well-circulated.
The flows of fresh and salt water have different names.
Their chosen site was marshy, mosquito-ridden, and without fresh water.
His fears are confirmed when the melting of the polar ice caps overnight pours huge amounts of fresh water into the oceans.
Shoulders are usually corned, or salted and smoked, though sometimes cooked fresh.
Evaporated apples may be used in place of fresh fruit.
Fruit and vegetables should be fresh, free from decay, and as nearly uniform in shape and state of ripeness as is possible.
Fresh fruit juice may be used in place of boiling water.
Some fresh and fruitful showers upon my sunburned brain.
Buying fresh fish and vegetables, examine them first, then fix the price.
But several also argue that it raises fresh dilemmas.
New research is yielding fresh insights into how the protein operates.
And artificial ponds maintained throughout the year would have enabled continuous access to fresh fish and drinking water.
The decaffeinated coffee beans are then rinsed and dried, and a vessel containing fresh green coffee is put on stream.
Consider the farm-fresh egg, the pristine symbol of the simple days of pre-industrial farming.
The haddock was uber-fresh, the beer batter light and pillowy, and the fries artfully presented in a paper-lined silver cup.
Look for clams with siphons that appear fresh, plump and firm.
With characteristic thoroughness, he had procured a huge basket of fresh-cut roses from which to work.
He'll be back again tomorrow with a fresh air tank, and the day after that too.
Tis' the season to shop for fresh, local foods at your local farmers market.
In the past the state reacted by confiscating dishes on rooftops, which led merely to fresh orders.
Fresh orders for the world's shipyards are at a low ebb.
So bitter are some of his colleagues at this blackmail that one says a fresh poll is preferable to continued humiliation.
Cleaning showerheads with bleach will not do since the microbes will simply return with a fresh flow of water.
Ideally, that should have emerged from a fresh election.
The prospect of a fresh start is certainly alluring.
Top thick slices of country bread with fresh goat cheese.
But both directors have now attempted blockbusters, and neither shows much of what was lively and fresh in their previous work.
The ingredients are fresh and distinct, the portions right, the presentation clear.
He can feel a tremor of fresh sunlight, warm and warmer.
She must always, squeeze the bread to make sure it's fresh.
When you remove the mask, your face will look fresh and radiant.
The immediate problems were shelter and fresh water.
Most of the characters from the earlier film return, their lives nicely endangered by fresh plights.
Shoveled into the water by workers in a small tender beside the pens, the silvery fish were fresh sardines.
Urban revitalization does not at first glance relate to the growing national interest in fresh fruits and vegetables.
Coffee beans are fresh when they come out of the roaster.
One of my favorite things in the world is to gorge on a fresh, seasonal ingredient when it's abundant.
Fear of fresh food seems to mount by the day, however, fueled by often-misleading reports.
Add half the spice mix to the puree, then taste, adding more spice if desired and fresh lemon juice to lift the flavors.
Unfortunately for critics, publishers have provided fresh fodder for book reviews and retrospective essays.
Once they get used to buying fresh food direct, they see that it doesn't have to be more expensive.
New extraction technologies are opening up even more of the vast resource-prompting fresh environmental concerns.
Stand-alone bloggers face great pressure to keep their sites fresh for audiences who expect frequent updates.
The cars would be taken to a center to exchange the spent tanks for fresh ones, with the spent tanks regenerated at a plant.
Another desirable top global priority would be an inexpensive method to desalinate sea water to fresh water.
Those differences drive farmers back to the dealer each year for fresh supplies of seed.
The process consumes no fresh water or agricultural land.
The walls sport a fresh coat of white paint, and the bench tops are shiny and bare.
Despite having inserted fresh batteries and tested the tape recorder before the interview, she couldn't get the machine to work.
Clever anode membranes could repress chlorine production, eliminating the need for fresh water.
They are retro coders, writing fresh programs for old hardware.
It has to do with bringing together ideas and cultures in fresh ways and with unprecedented intensity.
Fresh news reports are lending the thing a flavor of imminence.
Effective organizations need to find ways to keep their members fresh and focused on the job at hand.
Maybe that means it's not truly right-off-the-boat-fresh, but there's an upside.
He does this by taking time to eat three distinct meals every day and only occasionally snacking on fresh fruit between meals.
In the warm seasons it lies waiting for a meal of fresh blood.
String theory has recently inspired a fresh approach.
If you date them from those fresh sediments, you underestimate their age.
Diatoms exist in both fresh and brackish environments.
It has value only when it's fresh, in that window of time between initial dissemination and universal saturation.
But there will be no walks on the beach, no dinners out, no fresh air.
The vulnerable are those resembling my patient-elderly or alcoholic people who don't eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
Fresh research funding appears poised to give an extra jolt to the revitalized field.
Everyone will expect whiz-bang state-of-the-art interactive gadgetry, and the thinking behind it had better be fresh.
The visible parts of his body were replete with fresh skin grafts, giving him an uneven, patched-together appearance.
And that fresh frost, he thinks, reflects planetary weather patterns that change with the seasons.
Breaking down gender barriers will bring more energy and fresh perspectives into the world of science.
But there is always the possibility of leaks and trouble with keeping the repair material fresh and ready over the long haul.
And some of his communications are fresh-new words and phrases he hasn't been taught.
Still, it's good to know the technology is feasible, should fresh food become unavailable.
Fresh cacao beans range in hue from cream to purple.
For toppings try diced avocado, sour cream, fresh salsa or chopped fresh cilantro.
Fresh sage in the stuffing and chives in the mashed potatoes prove worth the expense and effort.
In many poor urban areas, grocers don't carry fresh fruits and vegetables.
Second, the bars were frequented by sailors fresh off the sea.
But his book offers almost nothing in the way of new evidence or fresh perspectives.
But those two plays left me on fresh terms with language.
On the valley side the water is lined with trees-willows fresh and green with every spring.
But no sooner had they joined him on stage for a press conference than fresh fractures emerged.
And this book throws fresh and important light on the issues.
New leadership should offer the promise of a fresh start.
The zing of fresh lemon enhances both the peas' sweetness and the natural flavor of the spinach.
These flavors can be subtle and nuanced, but not so the tastes of bourbon ball candy and fresh mint.
It perfumes the tiny treats, which are put together with an easy icing that zings with zest and fresh lemon juice.
But somewhat similar with that gorgeous natural light, and the exhilarating fresh air.
It's always new and different, and that's why it keeps fresh for me, always.
The juices change from week to week, depending on what's fresh and available, and they are always truly delicious.
Shades of pink and warm tones look light and fresh while bringing out your tan.
With the culture being annihilated, it was fresh to start again.
For others, it's an opportunity to get up to speed on fresh works in art and design.
We need to be in there now, while we're still fresh and open and fearless and bold.
The early days of the mob, furthermore, would seem to be fresh territory.

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