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IN simplest terms, fresco work is the painting of murals on wet mortar.
Shades of a cobalt blue fresco can be found above the stepped altar.
Great hall with fresco ceiling, dripping with chandeliers.
The families on the lower floors would open folding tables and dine al fresco on the street.
Drawing room, bar, south-facing conservatory restaurant with terrace for al fresco dining.
Look for hidden bits of fresco, preserved mosaic flooring, and millstones for grinding grain back when business was booming.
Bring repellent for evening dining al fresco, or buy some at a local pharmacy.
The cartographer noticed a partial fresco of birds in one building that matched a painting in the structure next door.
Painting could make a representation appear to be three-dimensional, but a painted fresco or picture was truly a flat surface.
As day transitions into night, the ship's teak-covered sun decks are transformed into beautiful al fresco dining venues.
Enjoy the fresco paintings located in the inner courtyard of the building.
The restaurant also offers al fresco dining during the spring and summer on the bricked patio.
The indoor fresco paintings are also in good condition.
It is flanked by an al fresco bar and sheltered deck space.
Clam bakes and al fresco dining are offered seasonally.
Guests can eat inside or al fresco under canvas awnings on the afterdeck.
Guests receive a complimentary bottle of wine upon arrival, and are admitted to a daily al fresco breakfast on the property.
Your catamaran has four double and two single cabins plus an indoor eating area and a topside al fresco table.
Floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the water and an outdoor patio offers al fresco dining in the summer months.

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