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No other pair of countries invite such frequent comparison yet share so little in common.
The low-level but frequent release of this chemical ensures regular anti-bacterial washes of the wound.
The common perception is that the blood-letting of top coaches has become ever more frequent.
Regular travelers join airline loyalty programs, or frequent-flier programs, to accrue credit toward free flights and upgrades.
Although campus chaplains do change jobs, turnover in their ranks is far less frequent than in other administrative offices.
Even before then, hurricanes may draw ever more energy from warming seas and grow stronger and more frequent.
How rising temperatures change weather and produce fiercer, more frequent storms.
The only way up is to walk-over loose rock, past prickly brush and rattlesnakes-with frequent pauses to catch one's breath.
High winds can wreck the flowers and increase transpiration from the leaves, making frequent watering necessary.
Frequent urination means needing to urinate more often than usual.
Must be able to work frequent nights and some weekends.
Life also brings problems that money cannot solve: occasional volcanic eruptions, more frequent earthquakes, and winter.
The burial complex is a frequent target for modern-day grave robbers and was thought to have been looted of its riches.
Most algae growers have to do that at a fairly frequent pace.
Others worry that the inevitable increase in dead kangaroos will alarm the campers who frequent the island.
Frequent pinching produces sturdy plants with big flowers.
In towns not served by brick-and-mortar libraries, a visit from the local bookmobile was once an exciting and frequent event.
The enfeebled river can no longer reach the sea without the help of frequent dredging.
Frequent checking of the pile's core temperature may be needed to determine how well the pile is functioning.
Last summer, two studies linked this temperature rise to stronger and more frequent hurricanes.
Crashes were frequent and horrific-riders who went down faced being impaled by splinters-and often fatal.
And frequent contact translates into successful students, she says.
But the bouts of turbulence at the firm have been getting worse and more frequent.
Frequent buses and trains service the park's various entry points.
More violent and frequent storms, once merely a prediction of climate models, are now a matter of observation.
Bald eagles, osprey, a panoply of duck species and other water birds make frequent appearances.
Succeeds with moderate water but appreciates frequent wetting of leaves.
Frequent changes of policy, and reshuffles of police and army commanders, have added to the confusion.
Previous studies have tried to measure whether typhoons and hurricanes were becoming more frequent.
It adapted to the region's frequent flooding by building rafts-made up of big groups of the ants themselves.
In reading accounts, there are frequent mentions of campfire singing.
Bears and other wildlife often frequent the park's campgrounds.
He stopped speaking words he'd earlier known, retreated into himself and erupted into frequent tantrums.
Frequent pinching and shortening of growth in early years will result in stronger, denser plant.
The new seat of government suffers frequent shortages of electricity, gas and water.
Frequent rainfall can partially fill these cavities with water.
Give frequent light applications of nitrogen fertilizer.
Yet frequent crackdowns and the occasional toppling of sleazy officials appear to have little impact.
My sapsucker wasn't as frequent a visitor as yours were at your previous garden.
Workers go months without being paid, leading to frequent sit-ins or demonstrations.
Nobody brings up my frequent breaks, and they all politely ignore my grunting.
Maybe even for psychological comfort in a space you regularly frequent.
Has not yet established in the wild, but is a frequent escape in gardens.
So improvements are both frequent and peculiarly disruptive.
In search of this quarry they frequent areas of shifting, cracking ice where seals may surface to breath air.
Painfully slow to configure via browser, with frequent timeouts.
Fewer than a third of them were frequent offenders, and only one in eight had carried a knife.
Frequent and prolonged jackhammer use can turn a laborer's fingers white and numb.
Influence of frequent and long-term consumption of legume seeds on excretion of intestinal gases.
Six out of ten reported general fatigue, while one-half of those interviewed had frequent headaches.
Frequent reports discuss the population's low fertility rate and the unsustainable boom in new universities.
But these don't necessarily offer clear guidance on how frequent and severe lawsuits could be.
Frequent short breaks are better than less-frequent, long breaks.
Frequent poster under another moniker for anonymity.
And the frequent mentions of her own games lends the book an unwelcome air of self-promotion.
With a budding brain on hand, he could take more frequent peeks at its development.
Regardless of form, they will be your more frequent traveling companions.
Since there is more energy in the system, storms may become more frequent and more violent.
The episodes of excited mutual ogling are less frequent.
Typhoons seem to be getting stronger and making landfall more often, he noted, while summer rains are less frequent but heavier.
My frequent questions could not be adequately answered by the experts until fairly recently.
The day workers add frequent notations on the small patient cards, kept at the nurses' station.
With a little introspection, you can detect this frequent flexing of your eye muscles as you scan a page, face or scene.
Such powerful storms are exactly what scientists predict to become more frequent as the climate changes.
She was afraid of having a stroke, something that she said that was becoming more and more frequent after flying.
The challenge is to maintain frequent use of all the languages you know to keep them active in your short-term memory.
Favelas are also routinely blamed for drug-related violence and all-too-frequent muggings.
Freezers that used to be the size of shoe boxes, but were well suited to frequent visits to neighborhood butchers and markets.
Clear and frequent messaging from the president and provost are important.
In my field, popular culture is a frequent area of study, although much less so in my subfield.
Meeting set by the upper level administration tend to be more frequent and less productive.
One is semiretired but is still a frequent traveler and goes to movie theaters frequently.
Frequent and complete urination is recommended to decrease the symptoms of urinary urgency.
They are remarkable for their tortuous course in the substance of the organ, and for their frequent anastomoses.
The arteries are remarkable for their large size and frequent anastomoses.
Even while you spurn them, they court you,-rural deities and others of every kind that frequent these mountains.
To cast beyond the moon, is a phrase in frequent use by the old writers.
Some managers have started to meet their investors regularly and provide them with more frequent reports about performance.
But these now seem to be more frequent-something its leaders attribute to climate change.
Litigation is already becoming more frequent and more costly.
After the initial attacks in any given province, subsequent fatal incidents become more and more frequent.
Making campaigns shorter and less frequent, proponents say, would have many advantages.
Nationwide electricity cuts are as frequent as ever.
Without his restraining influence, violence would have been far more frequent.
Such a model does not work in a stop-go economy with frequent recessions.
Protests over local injustices, already running at tens of thousands a year, were becoming ever more frequent.
Even with frequent breaks to goof off, they're finished by five in the afternoon.
Without constant maintenance and frequent recoating, rust is inevitable.
As their footprints vanished, those of the dinosaurs grew larger and more frequent.
With his promotion had come the stress of new responsibilities and frequent travel.
Registering for a frequent-flier membership account can be completed online or over the phone with a reservations agent.
The chronic disease can mean frequent needle jabs to test blood sugar levels-and costly treatments.
The findings add to evidence suggesting that frequent use of pesticides could raise the risk of melanoma.
And extreme events such as heat wave are part of the long-term trend in more frequent heat waves brought on by climate change.
In short, winter storms are likely to become stronger and more frequent, with stronger winds.
We have statistics showing that such intense dreams are indeed more frequent and more intense after trauma.
As temperatures continue to rise, such extreme events may become even more frequent and severe.
Brain traumatic lesion is e serious and frequent disorder, also in sport.
Therefore, when you go in to the gym, you are likely to be surrounded by unusually frequent trainers.
The proximity of much of its habitat to people means run-ins are frequent.
Seabirds and turtles also frequent the region, which lies along key migration routes.
The fox's feet are also effective shovels for frequent digging-fennec foxes live in underground dens.
Synthetic oil can cost five times more than standard oil, but less frequent changes may make the two economically comparable.
Some miss their targets, while neighborhood squabbles are frequent on the crowded wire.
Then they look over the data for signs of abnormal sleep or frequent wake-ups.
His frequent laughter hints at an impish rather than a pious spirit.
He is also a frequent food commentator on television and radio.
Both for the vehicle and for the aims of fine arts, you must frequent the public square.
In our fast-paced, immediate gratification culture, eating out is a frequent experience for many.
Artful and fanciful children's books make frequent cameos around here.
Shriver's prose is frank and often beautiful, which renders her frequent diatribes more nuanced and persuasive.
He's less reticent about discussing his frequent-flier mileage balance, which presumably exceeds that of his peers.
Nor does she make much allowance for the evidence against depression, or for frequent relief from depression.
For as much as batteries offer, though, they still annoy us with their frequent need for recharging or replacement altogether.
And it's too bad that the frequent bookings were partly to blame for the stuttering tempo.
It's more frequent to have fantastic dialogue in theater.
She has told friends that she was so frightened of angering her only surviving parent that his frequent outbursts devastated her.
The senator had made frequent trips to the war zone.
And it converts automatically to a pillow during the frequent and sudden naps that litter the workday of the professional thinker.
His seizures were so frequent and powerful that he could not work.
They can only be taken in concert with a strict diet and require frequent blood tests to monitor glucose levels.
There are airlines which would rather risk the plane or lose a good pilot than do more frequent maintenance.
Frequent storms would take out the line, causing power outages.
But olestra eaters did have more frequent bowel movements.
The birds that frequent coastal wetlands depend on fish for much of their diet.
Then their calls become more frequent and varied, and they tend to be pitched higher.
People who suffer from epilepsy are wracked by frequent seizures which are brought on by unusual and excessive neuronal chatter.
Business management had it's moments, but they were much less frequent.
Among traditional hunter-gatherers the average family size was small due to prolonged lactation and frequent infanticide.
But if that was the case, then it would be difficult to understand why this once frequent sequence would then have disappeared.
Usually on long walks, but occasionally over short distances with frequent stops.
The star system would also serve as a frequent visual reminder to think about nutrition.
So, these drivers that frequent the school's street, will drive down that street later that same day or the next day.
Even after they become adults, they still stay in frequent contact with their mothers.
The water sourced air conditioner backpacks should have produced frequent explosive vapour discharges.
Its agricultural economy is highly vulnerable to frequent droughts.
As any frequent business traveler knows, there's a dark side to spending all that time in the air and in the car.
Less time off is leading to shorter, more frequent holidays.
Without them, there will continue to be frequent severe economic crises in different parts of the world.
He is held out over the balcony or road at frequent intervals.
Scientists believe that global warming will make cyclones in the region bigger and more frequent.
If successful, the transformed blood could provide a steady supply and alleviate frequent shortages.
Her voice is high-pitched, nasal and a trifle slurred, her frequent laugh a piercing cackle.
Over the next two years, the panic attacks grew more frequent.
She goes for frequent walks and visits her doctor regularly for checkups, including cholesterol and diabetes screenings.
There are periods when that's more frequent than others.
There has been frequent water damage to units in the section of the building where my units are located.
But for patients who are not having problems, the need is less frequent.
During his frequent bouts of pain, they would ask him to visualize pleasant memories.

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