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But in its abundance of sentiment and frequency of moral purpose, it has elements which the novel of roguery lacked.
Influences of disturbance size and frequency on landscape structure.
The second thing to think about is the frequency at which the courses are offered.
There are cultural differences in the type and frequency of play.
The water lit and kept burning as long as it remained in the radio frequency field.
On the other end are frequency regulation technologies that help cope with much smaller ups and downs over the course of a day.
But the frequency of twin births is a decades-old mystery.
But according to herpetologists, snakes are unable to hear sounds in the same frequency band as humans.
In the past, geologists have been able to forecast landslides by looking at past magnitude and frequency.
The magazine rapidly expanded in both publishing frequency and circulation size.
There are only two real differences: the frequency they use and the power behind them.
Radio-frequency identification tags label all kinds of inventoried goods and speed commuters through toll plazas.
As the atoms are cooled the frequency of their vibrations is reduced which increase the wavelength.
Indeed, the infants of signing parents exclusively produced low-frequency hand motions.
It is an effect of the spiked light frequency pattern on the pupil causing a pulsation or flutter response in the pupil.
Then you find the great violins also have a significant low-frequency component that defines the sonority and adds darkness.
These plants have a high frequency of parthenocarpy, however, so they still produce fruit.
Still, they may sway at a frequency that can make occupants feel seasick.
And they find that the basic features of every animal's cry, such as frequency and duration, depend on the creature's metabolism.
But these approaches require special radio-frequency tags.
As the drill's frequency changes, the waveform quickly adapts to maintain the silence.
It also remains unclear how the climate change that is warming the seas themselves will impact hurricane frequency and strength.
You'd have to feed the sound through some device that changes the frequency of the sound to a frequency humans could hear.
During hypnosis, meditation and many forms of prayer, brain wave frequency lowers.
It's all vibrational energy, everything vibrating at different frequency levels.
Within this context light has a frequency and a wavelength but it comes to us in a series of discontinuous pulses.
It's fairly well known that dogs and cats can hear sounds more than twice the frequency that perfect human hearing can.
When the easy and tough ones appeared with equal frequency, the students found both on the same screen.
It is this gene that will increase in frequency in future generations.
Tense and anxious, he always carried a penknife and smoked hashish and pot with great frequency.
The market now consists primarily of leveraged high frequency trading.
They work by sending out pulses of high-frequency sound and then interpreting the reflections as images.
The patent points out that networked portable devices which employ infra-red or radio-frequency communication have limitations.
By cutting the frequency of flights on many routes, airlines have reduced the number of empty seats.
The frequency is, however, set by nature-it is a property of the materials used to build the laser.
It is designed to detect the low-frequency radio pulses emitted by lightning strikes.
Green light's frequency is too high for it to be able to travel through human tissues.
They rated each ritual's frequency and the level of arousal involved.
Catastrophic flooding is killing people with increasing frequency, and raising the cost of maintaining infrastructure.
Similar flights began running five years ago during limited holiday periods, and have increased in frequency since.
Turn up the frequency of the light beam, however, and the voltage goes up.
However the average cheap mobile uses sophisticated frequency hopping that makes eavesdropping difficult or near impossible.
We use same kind of colors and with almost same frequency in our daily lives.
Mostly, they also govern frequency and the number of seats per flight.
When a user pushed a button it would strike an aluminum bar, which emitted a certain frequency.
Baron also discovered that certain six-letter combinations occur with uncanny frequency.
All three groups kept a journal of headache frequency and severity for one month before starting on their specific intervention.
We'll hear these concerns with increasing frequency.
Preventing pregnancy is not a low-frequency, high cost event, and thus it is not really insurable.
Mid-block crossing rises in frequency with the length of a trip, one-way roads, and curbside parking.
Shortly thereafter you will hear airline pilots on the same frequency.
It's not as if our woes were caused by legions of high-frequency traders wrecking the markets with their tiny, tiny spreads.
These oscillating electrons then re-radiate the same frequency of light.
As the bridge expands and contracts, it would stretch the antenna and change its frequency.
The higher the frequency, the more precise details you can see.
Sitting on the web, it plucks the silken threads with its legs, mimicking the frequency of weakly struggling prey.
Researchers have also struggled with questions regarding the proper frequency and kind of electrical current to use.
Natural selection was now recognized as a change in the frequency of genes in a population.
It's the possible increase in strength plus frequency that has officials worried.
In contrast you have a lot of generation to generation variation, and rapid change in frequency, in a small population.
Reflects the visible spectrum, along with some of the low-frequency infrared.
Mutations that result in clustering occur, and then increase in frequency due to selection.
As the frequency of light gets away from the peak response, the cell responds less and less to the same amount of light.
That's why polyandry is far more instructive than one would expect from its limited frequency.
Nothing ever happened in baseball above and beyond the frequency predicted by coin-tossing models.
But the frequency of some diagnoses, such as bipolar disease and autism, has soared.
Instead, the new doughnut-shaped silicon detectors rely on measuring light frequency.
Low-intensity, low-frequency ultrasound waves can trigger neural activity in brain tissue.
There is a spectrum in the air wave frequency that is the dirtiest spectrum known.
Using that frequency magnifies far worse what they are talking about here.
Each area of the film responds to a different terahertz frequency depending on the shape of the gold pattern.
By displaying a search's ads onscreen a couple of seconds sooner, the frequency of users clicking on those ads could only go up.
Mobile phones and laptops are able to create pulsed microwave radiation with heavy frequency jumping.
Often, steps can be taken to reduce the frequency and pain of recurrent headaches in children.
Remodulating the frequency boosts the strength of the deflectors against incoming attacks.
The placebo group was not given restrictions about the frequency of baths.
Hurricanes regularly strike our coasts, but so do tsunamis, albeit with far less frequency.
The company is also increasing the frequency of random checks.
But one application especially, the rule of law, crashes with surprising frequency here.
The resonance frequency is usually either divided or multiplied to produce the output frequency of the oscillator.
The table below shows the resonance frequency for several types of oscillators.
The machine sends out high-frequency sound waves, which reflect off body structures.
Practicing yoga or tai chi on a regular basis can reduce the frequency of your palpitations.
Others detect a single frequency of sound or a direction of movement.
The machine sends out high-frequency sound waves, which reflect off body structures to create a picture.

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