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Example sentences for frenetic

The dynamic was sometimes frenetic, always reactive.
No matter how frenetic and energy-filled the scene is, there still needs to be a moment among the frenzy.
If the big funds in effect own the market in aggregate, then frenetic trading activity is fruitless, even before costs.
The relationships forged during military service foster frenetic networking in civilian life.
And it is matched by an almost equally frenetic pace of change among commercial food companies.
The atmosphere at the station was nervous and frenetic.
And that's when the frenetic yet orderly routine of the emergency room began to break down.
The shoot got under way and had an impulsive, almost frenetic energy.
In its early stages, the painting was a flattened, frenetic composition of little squares.
Far away, in other leagues, the pace can often be too frenetic to be so calculating.
Scientists are for the first time creating molecular movies, revealing the frenetic action of the atomic world.
In fact, the pace of change over the last two years has been frenetic and marked by many firsts.
Those one hundred days were a period of frenetic activity.
Over the long run, perhaps, people can adjust to a state of frenetic change with equanimity.
Communities struggle with the frenetic pace of growth.
Our society is becoming more and more frenetic and stressful.
The frenetic pace of a vacation can wear anyone down.
Our frenetic lifestyle, involving long commutes and little leisure time, has eaten into the supply of willing volunteers.
And those bike paths have been replaced by elevated freeways shuttling people and commerce at a frenetic pace.
That's the year when high-temperature superconductivity studies were being conducted at a frenetic pace worldwide.

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I love my work with a frenetic and perverse love, as an ascetic loves the hair shirt which scratches his be... more
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